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Chapter 26;

(They arrived at the carnival)

Rocky;Okay guys I'm going to start walking to see what ride I can get on

Riker;Okay just get back here like in 2 hours or else we leave without you


Rydel;So what do we do Ratliff?

Ratliff;First hold your hand cause guys keep on staring at you

Rydel;awe Ratliff don't get jealous you know I only like you !

Ratliff;I know it's just that I don't want nobody else to have you



Ross;Let's get on that roller coaster !

Laura;Which one?

Ross;That one over there ! it's huge

Laura;*laughs* you said it's huge

Ross;Not that way dirty minded

Laura;It's not being dirty minded !

Ross;oh sure c'mon lets go

{With Riker & Vanessa}

Riker;Let's go on the Ferris wheel yeah baby?

Vanessa;Yeah sure

Riker;Gosh your so beautiful

Vanessa;Thank you handsome

-They get on the Ferris Wheel-

Vanessa;The view is so beautiful

Riker;Like you

Vanessa;Awe Riker stop it

Riker;No I'm just saying what's true

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