Laura's Birth

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Chapter 294;

Doctor;Okay Laura when I count too 3 your gonna push . okay let's begin

Nurse;Sir do you mind hold her hand

Ross;Okay *holds Lauras hand*

Doctor;Okay ready ? 1....2....3

Laura;*pushes*ahhh *yells*

Doctor;Your doing great Cmon 1...2...3

Laura;*pushes* it hurts *crying in pain*

Doctor;Okay sweetie just try you need 3 more to go

Laura;*in pain*


Laura;*pushes* ahhhh *squeezes Rosss hand*

Ross;ow my hand

Doctor;Sorry Mr.Lynch that's how it goes okay I see the head laura you could do 1...2...3


Doctor;1 more laura

Laura;*pushes* oh my god

Doctor;*grabs the baby* okay nurse
Hurry grab the baby start cleaning it .

Ross;You did great laura

Rydel;You feel better ?

Laura;*weak*no it hurts

Vanessa;You wanted to get pregnant

Laura;Shut up

Doctor;Congratulations laura you had a baby boy *hands her the baby*

Laura;*tears of joy* it's great to have you in my arms you don't know how much I've waited for you

Ross; Welcome to the world Ryder . I love you laura .

Laura;I love you too ross.

Rydel;He looks like ross

Doctor;Okay we're gonna be right back we need to do something real quick .

Ross;Okay thanks doc I'm gonna go call the rest .

Vanessa;Okay .

Ross Goes Out

Ross;Hey guys

Riker;About time

Rocky;Is my nephew born?

Ross;When did you get here ?

Lilly;We got here 10 minutes ago

Ross;Okay , by the way guys I need to talk to you all in a bit


Lizbeth;Can we just go in ?

Ross;Oh yeah follow me

Ryland;About time

Savannah;I know right

They Follow Room To The Room

Ross;I'd like for you guys too meet Ryder Royce Marano *holds ryder*

Riker:Oh dear lord he's the cutest baby

Ratliff;look Rosalie you finally have someone to play with

Ryland;Dude he looks like you

Vanessa;Congrats guys

Riker;*takes a picture & posts it on Instagram* caption~ welcome to the family Ryder Royce Marano👶💙.

Lizbeth;he's the cutest

Ross;Right ? Laura take a nap I'll watch Ryder

Laura;Are you sure ?

Ross;Yeah well anyway he's sleeping , I'm just gonna lay home aside with you

Laura;Okay *grabs Ryder & falls asleep*

Ross;I'm gonna need to talk to all of you out in the hall


Happy Birthday too Riker 🎉🎂🎈.
Can't believe he's 23 😭😭💙.

Laura finally had her baby yay💘.

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