Everything went wrong

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Chapter 110;

Riker;Alright let's all go.


{They all head out & Arrive at the restaurant}

Ross;Wow so fancy

Vanessa;I know right. hey Riker how come you never asked me on a date when you & I were together

Rydel;Okay why don't we just go in c'mon

{They get in the restaurant}

Lady;Hello how may I help you ?

Riker;Oh yeah I made a reservation for 6.


Riker; Riker lynch

Lady;Okay follow me *leads them to their table & hands all of them a menue*

Riker;Thank you ma'm

Lady;No problem

Ross;So umm what can we eat?

Ratliff;I don't know

Vanessa;Wow it's too expensive how are you gonna pay for all of us?


Riker;ohh how cute Vanessa you think I'm paying for all your guys dinner no Ross is paying for yours & Ratliff & I are paying together for our beautiful girlfriends *pecks Laura's cheek*

Rydel;Wow umm so guys how have we all been Riker , Laura ?

Laura;We've been really good you know we've not been together for long but I think we will work

Riker;Yeah I'm so lucky you know I don't how dumb people can let her go she's the most amazing person *smiles*

Laura;Awe your so sweet

Rydel;What about you Vanessa , Ross?

Vanessa;oh were very good Ross is the most loving person on earth & he surely knows how to treat a girl with respect

Ross;awe thanks sweetie . well Vanessa she's really amazing I mean like literally she's all I've wanted in a girl her flaws beauty ,amzingness

Rydel;So cute.

Riker;Oh yeah sure

Ratliff;Umm okay so *yells* service

Waiter;Hello how may I help you ?

Riker;*orders food for everyone*

Waiter;Okay anything to drink?

Ross;a coke will be good

Vanessa;Yeah make that 2

Ratliff;I'll take a coke too

Rydel;I'll get water

Laura;Yeah I'll get water too

Riker;I'll take a coke

Waiter;Okay I'll be back with your food in a bit

Everyone;okay thanks

Riker;Hey only 2 more days till your 1 month anniversary congrats guys

Rydel;Awe thanks Riker & I know right ? seems like forever

Ratliff;Awe well I'm really happy & wouldn't trade Rydel for any other girl *smiles*

Rydel;you so sweet

Ross;Why so quite Laura?


Ross;Why are you so quite ?

Laura;I don't know


Ross;Yes ?

Vanessa;Do you love me?


Waiter;Here you go

Riker;Thank you

Laura;& the drinks?

Waiter;They'll be here in 1 minuet

Laura;okay thanks *smiles*

Ross;This food is so good

Riker;Well no duh that's why I brought you guys here

Vanessa;Rude much ?

Riker;What so now I'm rude for just stating something??

Laura;hey calm down . & Vanessa you stop your gonna cause Riker & Ross argue stop being such a drama queen he just stated something !

Rydel;Hey keep it down people are staring

Ross;You know what I've had it *mad* I'm done Vanessa stop commenting on everything Riker's said you provoke him ! either you guys calm down or we leave

Laura;Riker please let's go we can go somewhere else

Ratliff;Hey would you guys want to go to the beach right now?

Laura;I'd prefer to go home who knows what'll happen next

Rydel;True that let's just get it to go & watch something at home while we eat

Ratliff;Yeah *signals the waiter*

Waiter;Yes ?

Rydel;Can we take this to go?

Waiter;Sure will you guys like a dessert ?

Laura;Umm we'll have 6 chocolate cakes

Waiter;Okay I'll be back


Laura;What's up ?

Riker;Your so beautiful

Laura;Awe Riker *pecks his lips*

Ross;*jealous* let's go Vanessa

Vanessa;We only came in Riker's car though

Ross;Yeah I know but I don't want to be here


Laura;Are you guys okay ?

Ross;Yes - no i don't know


Waiter;Here you go

Rydel;Let's go


*they walk to the car*

Ross;I can't guys .

Riker;Why not?

Ross;You stole Laura from me

Riker;Oh really ? you got with Vanessa when you clearly knew I had feelings for her ! yet you still want Laura.? no Ross that's not cool.

Vanessa;You don't like me ross?

Ross;I do it's just that I still like Laura

Laura;Move on Ross I'm not into you anymore I chose Riker for a reason

Ross;I can't control my feelings !

Ratliff;Let's just go guys.

Rydel;Please don't start let's just go


[They get in the car & head home]


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