Ross & Riker's Talk

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Chapter 232;

Stormie & Mark Arrive

Stormie;Guys were home we *sees ross* ross is that you ?

Ross;Yes it's me mom

Mark;Oh my god your back *tears of joy*

Stormie;My baby your back !

Ross;Yes I am

Stormie;We missed you so much

Ross;I kinda figured

Riker;Oh hey mom you guys came ? Where's the Food?

Stormie;In the bag where's laura ?

Rydel;In her room


Ross;We talked but it went wrong

Stormie;Oh so you know that's she's pregnant right?

Ross;Yeah & it's my baby

Mark;Now get your acts straight ross cause this is a big responsibility now

Ross;I know dad

Stormie;Would you like to eat Ross ?


Rocky;what about laura ?

Riker;I'll take her some food in a bit .

Ratliff;Well let's eat

Ross;After this Riker can we talk?

Riker;Sure .

They Finish eating. Riker got up & went to leave some food to laura .He then got out of her room cause she was sleeping so he went to his room to talk to Ross .

Riker;So what do you want to talk about ?

Ross;Look Riker I wanted to apologize for being a jerk .

Riker;That's the past it doesn't matter no more

Ross;So did you have a chance with her?

Riker;No .

Ross;Oh sorry about that .

Riker;It's cool

Ross;Anyway I wanted to talk about Laura

Riker;What about Laura ?

Ross;is it true you've been here for her these 5 months ?



Riker;Yeah why?

Ross;It's cause she told me . Do you like her ?

Riker;I do but as a sister . Look Ross I don't like Laura that way no more Shes more like a sister. I get it you love her. she loves you too . She would talk to her baby about you coming back .. Ross don't you see your driving that girl crazy she's just hurt . why? you left Ross but it was for a reason you weren't their throughout the pregnancy .You weren't here when she needed you the most . Now Ross be here for her remember she has 4 moths to go till she goes into labor

Ross;Yeah I know . Look I want to propose again I bought another ring . More different from the other one . I just want to talk to her because I'm gonna move out of here I just really love her & knowing that she's pregnant again makes me really happy . I've fucked up in the past but I'm ready to be more responsible

Riker;I get it . you want me to help you out ?

Ross;Yes please Riker I really need help I just have to talk to her .

Riker;Well she's sleeping so I'd take advantage & go in her room just wait till she wakes up

Ross;Good Idea I'll see you in a while

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