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Chapter 229;

Rydel;What do we do now ?

Laura;I don't know I'm gonna go upstairs I don't feel good I feel like throwing up

Riker;Uh laura did you & ross have sex before he left ? just asking don't be shy

Laura;Yeah we did

Rydel;No way !


Rocky;Your pregnant !

Laura;Guys I'm not pregnant

Ratliff;If you say so

Ryland;Okay guys leave the girl alone

Stormie;Dinners ready

Laura;ooh what is their ?

Mark;eggs & bacon with French toast

Rydel;My favorite

Ratliff;Okay well let's eat

They eat their breakfast while Rydel kept eating . Rocky started to cry because he was missing ross . Laura was still eating but then left to throw up . Stormie & Mark went to look for ross . Still no sign Mark decided to give it a rest . Riker went to his room tried to contact Madison but she didn't answer her phone . Riker decided to go to Laura's Room

Riker;Laura can we talk.?

Laura;Sure about what?

Riker;well I tried to contact Madison but she doesn't answer .

Laura;Well who knows maybe she's busy

Riker;Yeah . wait ew what is that smell?

Laura;Gee Riker thanks I just finished throwing up

Riker;Oh why?

Laura;I don't know maybe the food didn't hit the right spot

Riker;Or maybe your pregnant

Laura;For The last time I'm not pregnant

Riker;Okay sure . anyway Uh do you miss ross. ?

Laura;Yeah I do a lot

Rocky walks in

Rocky;Here Laura I bought you a pregnancy test cause Rydel told me too

Ryland;Really guys ? your gonna bug her over this

Rydel;Well yeah didn't go you see her eat ?

Riker;That's true

Ratliff;Cmon just do it

Laura;Fine !

7 minutes later


Rydel;are you pregnant ?

Rocky;Laura say something !

Ryland;Everyone shut up let her talk !

Laura;Guys I'm pregnant ....

Ratliff;I knew it !

Rydel;Oh my god yay !

Riker;Congrats that's what you wanted laur I'm happy for you !

Rocky;Same here

Laura;yeah .. *starts crying*well what's the point ? the dad is not even here with me ...

Riker;Hey he may not be here but we're here with our support you'll make it through

Rydel;Yeah that's why we're family

Laura;I guess so .. well guys thanks for your help

Rydel;No problem . oh by the way Ratliff we have to go get the ultra sound .

Ratliff;Okay .

Rydel;Well we're gonna go see you guys later .

Riker;Bye !take care

A few hours later Rydel & Ratliff came back.

Rydel;Hey guys

Laura;Hey how'd it go ?

Ratliff;It went great

Rydel;Yeah oh by the way why don't you go talk to mom & dad about you being pregnant

Laura;What if they kick me out ?

Riker;No my parents aren't like that lets go


Ryland;Mom , dad Laura has to talk to you guys

Stormie;Okay what is it sweet heart ?

Laura;Uh well I needed to talk to you

Mark;Okay just tell us well support you no matter what it is or what decision you take

Laura;Well I know this is unexpected but I'm .. I'm pregnant

Stormie;Oh my god Laura this is great news

Mark;Congrats Laura.

Stormie;One question . is the dad ross?....

Laura;Yes ..

Mark;thats why we're here . well support you don't worry.

Laura;Thanks .

Riker;I told you

Ross's POV

I miss home . I want to go back but at the same time no . I don't know something is telling me too , but at the same time it's telling me not too . I will just stay here when im ready to leave back home ....


Sorry for the Boring chapter :/ well stay tuned for the next chapter 👍

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