I Will Never Forgive You

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Hey guys well I know I didn't update yesterday sorry about that it's cause I went to the dentist 😒. Well we all know what day is today 9/11 rest in peace to all those people that died 🙏♥️😔.


Chapter 215;

Ross;Laura wait up .

Laura;Ross just let me go home please .

Ross;No Laura listen


Ross;Why do you listen to Riker ? you know he only says that to hurt you .

Laura;I don't know Ross . I just don't like it when they bring up my baby loss yes I get it I lost my baby cause I wasn't careful.

Ross;You were careful . it just happened so fast . Let's just go back for Rydels sake . can I ask what happened when Riker wanted to talk to you alone ?

Laura;Okay he just told me that he regrets breaking up with me because he still likes me but I told him that I like you more than anything so then he told me that he has never hurt me the way you have .

Ross;Oh okay well let's go

They go back to the hospital room

Rydel;Good your here you feeling okay ?

Laura;I guess so

Ratliff;Everything will be okay laur.

Laura;Thanks Ratliff

Rocky;When do they get out ?

Mark;I don't know .

Stormie;I'll ask in a bit

Riker;Uh Laura can we talk out in the hall ?

Ross;for what ? you've hurt her enough

Riker;I was talking to Laura

Laura;Okay I'll be back

They go out to the hall

Laura;What do you want Riker ?

Riker;I wanted to apologize for what I said earlier I know that was rude of me .


Riker;I was hoping you could forgive me .

Laura;I will never forgive you . Riker I thought you were a true friend but your not.

Riker;I said sorry I've just been feeling lonely . you don't know how much I miss your sister ! I've been hoping every night to at least see her one more time .

Laura;Why don't we talk to your parents & tell them if we can stay for a while in New York . I mean I know where she's at .

Riker;Really ? you would do that for me ?

Laura;Of course , but I'm still not forgiving you .

Riker;I understand but thanks Laura .

Laura;No problem now let's go tell your parents .

They go back in the room

Riker;Mom ? dad ?

Mark & Stormie;Yes ?

Laura;Well I've seen that Riker really misses Vanessa . I wanted to ask if we can all go to New York . just for a while so he can see Vanessa .

Mark;I think we can . by when?

Riker;Tomorrow ?


Rocky;Sweet were going to New York

Mark;Were just going to by the flight tickets . So I suggest we get Rydel & Ratliff out of here so we can pack up

Ross;Awesome !

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