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Grey's Tribute rmills75
2.7M 115K
Heartless Alpha AmazedBookLover
2.2M 79.3K
Alpha's Girl MissTroubleX
3.5M 126K
Ice Cold Mate IsabellaDiaz_
2.7M 97.4K
His Queen jinwen2509
2.8M 101K
Alphas Claim s_marie10
866K 33.3K
The Sexy Italian Kidnapper (#TheWattys2015) TheWeirdo_Salts
1.1M 43.6K
Mated To The Alpha King Sannyaahhh
8.7M 313K
Beastly FallenCause
1.2M 48.9K
Vet Tech Meets The Alpha MommaShifter
1.5M 81.4K
Wrapped Around My Whiskers majaaa_xx
1.2M 67.6K
The Alpha's Young Mate True_lies13
5.5M 226K
Ruthless (Book One of the Ruthless Series) Writing_my_mind
3.6M 117K
My Broken Luna awesomepriscilla
325K 11K
Heath mesmores
1.9M 79.9K
You Can't Control Me Alpha lovebooknerds18
2.3M 95.9K
Secret Angel anonymously_unknown_
1.7M 65.5K
Property Of A Gordon TalatheWolf
4.2M 153K