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Chapter 322;

Ross;So what do you want to eat for breakfast ? Since it's only 11:05

Laura;Hmm I don't know

Ross;What about Ihop or Denny's ?

Laura;IHop will do it

Ross;Okay . well what do you think about the reservation ?

Laura;Its great to be honest I fell in love with it

Ross;I did too , I know it's stupid to ask but will you ever want to have another kid with me ?

Laura;Of course I would why would you ask that ?

Ross;I don't know I guess I kinda felt that you didn't want to no more

Laura;Ross we will have more kids just wait .

Ross:Okay anyway are you excited for our wedding?

Laura;Of course I'm extremely happy

Ross;Good I want you to be happy

Laura:Did you and hope ever Umm ..

Ross;No we didn't have sex

Laura;No I was gonna say kiss on the lips .

Ross;Uhh yeah only 1 time


Ross;But it didn't mean nothing trust me

Laura;Okay then

Ross;Would you like to take a walk in the park after this ?

Laura;Sure .

Ross;You okay?

Laura;Of course why wouldn't I be

Ross;your mood went down now look laura if it's because of the kiss with hope we'll I'm sorry .. I didn't know

Laura;Your right you didn't . i'm sorry

Ross;Don't worry . I will only love you no one else okay?

Laura;*smiles* okay

Ross;oh and also ryder I love that baby

Laura;So do I

Ross;Thank you for this good start

Laura;no thank you

Ross;Cmon lets eat


Hey guys I wrote a new story 🙈.
It's called The Heart Locket-Raura it would mean a lot if you check it out and sorry for this boring chapter 😅. I hope you enjoy it anyway 😊.

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