Does She Even Love Me?

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Chapter 318;

Ross's POV
I can't believe Laura went through that I mean I did see her bruised arm that's why I asked what happened to her cause I knew she wouldn't tell me . I feel really bad now.. she didn't deserve this in the first place . I feel like a bad person cause I wasn't their to protect her I always fail . I felt a tear run down my cheek yes I know I'm a guy but I have feelings too . I kept crying until I heard a knock .

Ross;Who is it ?

Riker;Its me may I come in ?


Riker;*walks in*

Ross;what's up?

Riker;I wanted to talk to you , were you crying ?

Ross;about?and Uhh no I had something in my eyes that made them teary

Riker;Ross I know you really well Cmon tell me what's wrong and I wanted to talk about Laura

Ross;Okay fine well I felt really bad about what happened to Laura so I started crying and well you would get me if you went through it

Riker;don't worry about it , I cried when they almost shot Vanessa .. it sucks seeing your loved ones hurt to be honest

Ross;Wait what?

Riker;Yeah Vanessa almost got shot if it wasn't for Ryland and Ratliff she would've been dead by now

Ross;How did this happen ?

Riker;She was gonna sneak out because Laura wasn't tied up . So she untied Vanessa Laura told her to hurry up because the crew of Hope went to get something , Vanessa didn't make it so they got her and dragged her. They decided to tie Laura. They got the gun out . They only had Laura ,Rocky ,Lilly,Savannah, Vanessa ,Rydel, Lizbeth and me .They didn't have Ratliff or Ryland . Ratliff had Rosalie .Ryland broke in and they already had the gun pointed to Vanessa's head . they got Ryland and dropped him then they kicked him . Ratliff fucked up a guy called Justin I believe and then the other one came.He got Ratliff so well they beat him up .

Ross;Wow... That's really horrible what happened to Laura ?

Riker;She was supposed to get ..

Ross;get what ?

Riker;get rapped ...


Riker;Yeah the people were texting hope they had told Laura that she was gonna get raped but then hope decided for them to abuse her and guess what?


Riker;The did it in front of us .. we were all mad but we couldn't do nothing they had us threatened .

Ross;She didn't get raped though right ?

Riker;no she didn't

Ross;Why didn't she want to tell me ?

Riker;maybe it was hard for her

Ross;Does she even love me ?

Riker;you should ask her that


Riker;its gonna be okay bud

Ross;I know ...

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