Raura;Memory loss?!?

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Chapter 76;

Rydel;Hey were here !

Riker;Did you contact mom & dad?

Rydel;Yeah their almost home


Rocky;Ross she's going to be okay

Ross;I wasn't their to protect her though

Rydel;We cant all be their because we never knew it was going to happen

Ross;I know but still

Riker;Look Ross she's going to be fine

Vanessa;How are you so sure huh? tell me !

Riker;Vanessa I know it's hard just calm down

Doctor;Laura Marano?

Riker;That's us what's wrong with her?!?

Doctor;She got hit in the head


Doctor;Were not sure what her conditions are just yet

Riker;Thank you for letting us know what happened

Doctor;But their is a chance she could have lost her memory .....

Ross;No this can't be tell me this is a joke

Doctor;Were really sorry it could take months ... even years for her to recover

Vanessa;Doctor you have to do something that's my sister she can't loose her memory

Doctor;Were sorry we can't do nothing she got hit really hard

Rydel;No this isn't happening ....

Ratliff;You guys it's going to be alright

Rocky;YOU GUYS !!!!! we have to find out who hit her !!! we can't be like this she will get her memory back but give it time!

Ross;Rocky is right ... Doctor can we see her?

Doctor;Sure follow me .

*They go to Laura's room*

Doctor;I'll be back you guys don't pressure her to much

Ratliff;Thanks doc


Laura;Who are you??..


*To Be Continued*

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