Just Go !

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Chapter 252;

With the others

Ross;Were gonna get going cause Laura's tired I don't want to keep her up . well come visit you tomorrow sis

Rydel;Okay bye drive safe

Rocky;I'm gonna get going too cause I have a party tomorrow

Rydel;Okay bye be careful

Rocky;Thanks bye Ratliff & Rosalie by the way tell parents I went home


With Ross


Ross;Yes laur?

Laura;I love you

Ross;I love you too

Laura;I can't wait till Ryder is here with us

Ross;Same here he'll be here soon

Laura;Someone is knocking

Ross;Its probably Riker *heads downstairs & opens the door*

Riker;Hey ross

Ross;Hey come on in . what's wrong why do you look disappointed?

Riker;Vanessa went back to the house earlier looking for Laura

Ross;Again ?

Riker;Yeah I told her to leave was that rude?

Ross:In a way yes & in another way no

Riker;Okay well anyway where am I gonna sleep?cause I have my 1st date tomorrow

Ross;You never told me who's the girl .

Riker;Her name is Kate she's amazing

Ross;awe good for bud you finally moved on .Okay your room is upstairs & give a left

Riker;Okay night bro !


They Head To Bed


The Next Morning

Ross's POV

I woke up & Laura wasn't here with me I heard yelling downstairs , I quickly got up I didn't care if I was just in boxers I went running to see what was up .I saw Vanessa what is she doing here ?

Riker;Look Vanessa Laura isn't going back with to NY !

Vanessa;I'm gonna force her to go back !

Laura;I said no because I'm an adult already I'm not a kid !

Vanessa;Okay then ! this is the last chance in giving you to stay here ! if you end up hurt I won't hesitate to come get you & take you

Ross;Woah woah woah , okay 1st Laura is old enough to make her decisions . She is staying here with me . 2nd of all how do you know where we live ?

Vanessa;Don't worry about that . I just don't want her to get hurt because of you !

Laura;Ross makes me happy you won't take me away from him ! if you don't like it then , Just Go !

Vanessa;okay that's how it's gonna be now? Don't look for me . Bye

Ross;Gosh what the hell does she want ?


Laura;She's gonna be bugging us for a while

Ross;I know

Riker;Anyway can you guys help me decide on my clothes for my date today?


With Rocky

Rocky's POV

I got a call , I answered & well the party stars at 1 so I got ready because the party was all the way in Fresno so I got dressed & started heading to the place.


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