I Forgot How That Felt

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Chapter 177;

Laura;I'm going to my room

Ross;Can I join


Riker;Awe just hook up already !

Rydel;Haha for reals Riker .

Ratliff;You guys know you belong together

Ross & Laura ;Whatever guys.

~Ross & Laura head to the room~

Ross;Do you have an Instagram Laura ?

Laura;I had but I deleted it a month ago

Ross;Awe your serious?


Ross;What about twitter?

Laura;Don't have one

Ross;Create an account please ?

Laura;okay fine


Laura;What should my username be ?


Laura;Never mind I got it here I'll follow you

Ross;Nice username

Laura;Haha thanks .

Ross;now an Instagram


Ross;I'm waiting

Laura;I'm done

Ross;Okay then follow me my user is @rossr5

Laura;That's like your user for everything •laughs•

Ross;I know

Laura;Okay their I followed you


Laura;So what do you want to do?

Ross;I don't know

Laura;Your lame

Ross;Thank you *starts to tickling Laura*

Laura;haha Ross stop I - I can't b-breathe

Ross;No I'm not gonna stop

*Laura falls off the bed & Ross falls on top of her*

Laura;Ugh Ross get off me


*Ross & Laura start leaning in & They kiss*

Ross's POV

We're kissing I forgot how this felt her soft lips . I just want her to be mine again . our lips are moving in the perfect sync . were still kissing it's been more than 3 minutes

Laura's POV

Oh my god I can't believe I'm kissing Ross it's wrong but it feels right . I like Ross I can't deny my feelings. wow we've been kissing for long . I hope this doesn't become awkward

*Ross & Laura pull away*

Ross;Uhh I'm sorry I just got caught up

Laura;Don't worry about it

Ross;Uh okay


Ooo what's gonna happen between Laura & Ross .

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