Raura;Misunderstanding Pt.2

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Chapter 64;

Laura;What do you mean you kissed her Riker ?

Riker;She leaned in she pecked my lips that's all I was going to get up when Vanessa came in

Ross;Hey Riker look just let her go right now if she leaves you respect her decision but just think of what you did

Riker;Thanks buddy

Laura;Let her calm down she'll get over it trust me

Rydel;What's up with all these people coming to us with drama all of a sudden

Laura;True huh well I don't know

Ratliff;You girls over exaggerate

Rydel;Excuse me?

Rocky;Ratliff you better run cause she's gonna kick your butt

Ratliff;I meant why do you guys panic on loosing us?

Laura;Because us girls fall to easily for a boy Ratliff if you were a girl you would understand


Laura;Yeah so Ross

Ross;What happen

Laura;I don't know

Vanessa;Guys I'm going to apologize to Riker where is her?

Laura;He's right in the kitchen

Vanessa;Thanks *walks in the kitchen*hey Riker can we talk?

Riker;I don't know

Vanessa;I just wanted to apologize for over reacting I'm sorry I didn't mean to it's cause Riker look at her & look at me

Riker;Vanessa you know I've liked you since day 1 you are what I've been looking for . you are what I can call my life . You didn't over react you just got jealous & I think that's cute because it shows me that you really care your beautiful from the outside & inside

Vanessa;Awe Riker your the best *kisses him*

Rydel;*walks in* awe seems like you 2 are happy again

Riker;Hell yeah I'm glad your mine Nessa

Rydel;You guys better go to the living room

Riker;Okay let's go Nessa

Ross;Okay so what are we going to do ?

Laura;You should shower you smell bad

Ross;Okay we're is the bathroom ?

Laura;Just use the one that's in my room

Ross;I thought you only had 2

Laura;No I said that because I don't like it when people go in my room & use it


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