What a surprise

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Chapter 131;

Ross;Hey you want to go home?


Ross;Okay c'mon

Laura;Wait Ross my leg hurts

Ross;Okay how can I do this you know what I'll Carry you

Laura;Are you sure ?

Ross;Positive c'mon *carries Laura* I can imagine carrying you like this when we get married

Laura;Hold on Ross you want to get married.?

Ross;Yes with you though I'll give you time & I'll surprise you *winks at her*

Laura;I'm in shock

Ross;Were not getting married any time soon *weak smile*

Laura;*sighs* I know

Ross;Okay we're here

*Gets Laura In the car & they start heading home*

Ross;Laura were here


Ross;do you need help?

Laura;No it's okay I got it thanks though

Ross;No problem hun

*They go in the house*

Riker;Hey thank god you guys are here !


Riker;Okay well umm

Laura;What ? c'mon tell us

Riker;I'm gonna propose to Vanessa

Ross;You mean ask her to marry you ? *surprised*

Riker;Yes ! *happy*

Laura;*excited* omg Riker what a surprise !! *hugs him*

Ross;When are you gonna propose?

Riker;Uhh I don't know

Ross;Okay today is Thursday why not Saturday ?

Riker;Perfect !

*Rydel walks in*

Rydel; what are you guys talking about?


Riker;Umm I'm gonna tell you this cause I trust you but please don't say nothing

Rydel;Okay c'mon spill it

Riker;I'm gonna propose to Vanessa

Rydel;*squeals* omg Riker this is huge !!!!

Riker;Yes I know *happy*

Ross;What made you decide this?

Riker;My heart. I know I belong with Vanessa & I want to be with her for the rest of my life

Rydel;awe when are you gonna look for the ring?

Riker;Today . Laura ?

Laura;Yes ?

Riker;Can you come with me ?

Ross;What about us?

Riker;You guys can come ! wait where's Ellington ?

Rydel;He's at his parents house


Laura;Where is Vanessa.?

Riker;She went to look for a job you know


Riker;Yeah so it gives us time let's go!!


What do you guys think? :D
What a surprise that Riker is proposing !!! ((:

Well anyways guess who's going to an R5 concert? this girl ! I'm so excited well the thing that sucks is I'm not gonna get a chance to go to the meet & greet :/ oh well

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