It's Nothing

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Chapter 164;

Riker;I'm going to shower laur

Laura;Wait let me put a bag around your cast & are you sure you can shower?

Riker;Thanks & yes I think so I just want to shower cause I've been in the hospital for 4 days . & I didn't shower

Laura;Yeah never mind you should shower

Riker;•laughs• okay well go join Ross in the music room don't do nothing stupid

Laura;no promises I'm kidding Hun I won't do nothing stupid

Riker;Okay I'll be back •leaves•

~Laura heads to the music room~


Laura;hey what are you doing?

Ross;Nothing just writing a song

Laura;Ohh cool what song?

Ross;It's called One last dance. it's not done

Laura;That's nice

Ross;Yeah well anyway how are you & Riker ?

Laura;Were good

Ross;That's nice

Laura;Can I ask you something •playing the guitar•

Ross;Sure •writing on paper•

Laura;How come when Rydel said you'll find another girl you said no I'm waiting for one & looked at me. ?

Ross;It's nothing

Laura;Tell me



Ross;Okay I like you . I read what you wrote on the paper . I felt bad & realized I still have feelings for you . I messed up

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!