Stay away from her

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Chapter 143;

•With Laura•

Vanessa;Hey why you crying?

Laura;Ross said that he regrets meeting me & regrets being with me . That we messed up his family

Vanessa;What the fuck?!? oh hell no he's not gonna talk that way to you !

*Vanessa gets Laura & takes her to Ross's Room*

Ross;Oh hey Vanessa

Vanessa;Don't oh hey me what's your problem now ? dude forreals get your shit together & think before you talk ! *slaps him*

Ross;What was that for?!? *angry*

Vanessa;I know I messed up on kissing you. I lost a great guy because of you.! But you never mess with my sister because you mess with her you mess with me ! she's a great girl & you don't deserve her! I don't know why she took your ass back you deserve a girl that's the same thing as you a bitch but you never mess with Laura again ! I'm gonna say this clearly STAY AWAY FROM HER !!!! If you don't I'm sorry Ross but were gonna have to leave this house

Ross;You can't take her away from me . my love for her is permanent . I may be a jerk , bitch , asshole , or whatever you want to call me . like I said earlier I'm imperfect . I LOVE LAURA I DONT CARE IF YOU LEAVE THIS HOUSE I WILL LOOK FOR HER . you may think If she took me back was because she still likes me weather you like it or not . me & Laura are meant to be !!!

Vanessa;No Ross Laura is not for you ! she's not gonna date a jerk like you . We're so lucky cause were probably gonna go back to NYC & she won't have to deal with you bitchy attitude !!

Laura & Ross;What ?!?


Wow so many arguments

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