What Are You Hiding ?

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Chapter 207;

Ratliff;okay well we'll figure something else tomorrow

Ross;Okay well go find delly . she's probably suspicious

Ratliff;Okay guys bye *leaves*

Riker;What are you guys doing.?

Ross;I was going to make food for Laura cause she's starving

Riker;okay I'm out *leaves*

Laura;That was weird

Ross;I know

Laura;Oh well so what are you gonna make to eat?

Ross;hmm what about Italian pasta & salad ?

Laura;Sounds good


With Ratliff & Rydel

Ratliff;I thought you we're in the music room

Rydel;I was but I got bored cause you were taking to long

Ratliff;oh well sorry. hey your baby bump is kinda able to tell a bit

Rydel;Yeah I know

Ratliff;You seem down

Rydel;Cause I am

Ratliff;Why princess ?

Rydel;don't princess me . what are you hiding ? since lunch you've been acting weird .

Ratliff;I'm not hiding anything

Rydel;Why are you lying ? I know you really well Ratliff tell me the truth ! don't comfort me with a lie

Ratliff;Delly I'm not hiding nothing I swear . I would never lie to you . please believe me

Rydel;You know what I'm done *storms out of the room & heads downstairs*

Ross;Woah what's wrong ?

Rydel;Nothing I'll be back I'm gonna go take a walk around the block *gets her coat & leaves*

Ratliff walks in

Ratliff;where's Rydel ?

Laura;She left


Ross;She said she was gonna take a walk around the block

Laura;What you do to her?

Ratliff;Nothing she got mad cause I didn't tell her what I was keeping away from her . I should go get her .

Ross;Just let her cool down

Ratliff;Okay where are your parents ?

Ross;They're sleeping in their room


Laura;Wanna eat with us?


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