Raura;The talk

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Chapter 34;

Ross;My ex girlfriend Anna texted me last night telling me that if her & I don't get back together she'll hurt you .. Laura I don't want that

Laura;Ross but you said you'll be with me no matter what happens I told you we were going to have to face every obstacle that comes in our way & that's the first one we should face .Ross I don't want you leaving me

Ross;Laur I don't want you to get hurt cause if you do I'll never forgive my self I like you to much to put you through that Laura please I just don't want you getting hurt

Laura;If that's what you want then let it be that way lynch just know that I still like you & you promised not to hurt me

Ross;Okay Laura let's face it she's not coming in our way

Laura;Okay by the way I'm going to get some milk I'll be back

Ross;Okay *gets a text*

Text -

Anna;Rossy hey sweetie so did you break up with her?

Ross;No Anna no I'm not thinking about it & I'm not planning to leave her

Anna;Well I guess it's going to be the harder way just keep an eye out for your girl !

Ross;If you lay a finger on her I swear to god you won't live the next day

Anna;Neither will she !

Ross;Whatever I'm not going to waste my time on a crazy girl

Anna;Watch your back lynch !

*Laura walks in the room*

Laura;Okay I'm back

Ross;Great do you have anything to tell me?

Laura;No I don't well yeah


Laura;I'm scared


Laura;Getting hurt Ross you don't know how rough my past was

Ross;Laura what do you mean?

Laura;I had an ex boyfriend his name is Joshua he cheated on me . I found out cause Vanessa caught him kissing another girl . The last day I left Italy to go to NYC he told me I can't hide cause he'll still look for me to be with him

Ross;No I'm not gonna let no one hurt you ! your my life ! if I loose you Laur everything will fall apart he can't hurt you because I'll protect you

Laura;Aw thank you Ross your so sweet

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