I Don't

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Chapter 309;

They Go Outside

Lizbeth;What did you need to talk about ?

Ross;You and I


Ross;Do you still like me?

Lizbeth;I do just not a lot but I know you don't. Cause your happy with your fiancé

Ross;I don't .

Lizbeth;I know trust I'm not going to get in your way with her I want you both to be happy because you soon are gonna be soon married


Lizbeth;yeah I mean I had my chance with you and it didn't work you know so why bother to ruin your happiness now . what am I gonna win if I try to tear you both apart ? Nothing right ? So that's why I'm not interfering with your relationship

Ross;Thank you Liz

Lizbeth;No problem now let's go inside I don't want them to think wrong


They Head Inside

Riker;okay guys well Vanessa and I are gonna go to sleep

Ryland;Us too goodnight wait what rooms are we getting?

Laura;It doesn't matter cause theirs 6 rooms so we can leave Ryder and Rosalie in one

Rydel;Are their cribs in that room ?

Ratliff;Yeah theirs 2

Rydel;wow that's very cool

Laura;Yeah well ross and I are gonna go upstairs

With Ross And Laura

Laura;So what did lizbeth tell you ?

Ross;Nothing she just told me she had quite a few feelings for me but wasn't going to get in between you and I

Laura;About time someone won't want to break us up

Ross;Yeah so then she said that she wasn't because she had her chance with me already and it didn't work

Laura;Can I ask about that why were you always busy for her and with me your not ?

Ross;for starters she was part of the R5 Family I met her in a meet and greet .I got her number I fell for her we lasted for like 5-7 months together but I didn't have too much time with her because I was touring around but sometimes when we had what time to come back home I would spend my time with her . So then I never really worked with long distance relationships so we decided to leave it their. So now with you it's different because we put a hold on R5 we won't be touring for a really long while


Ross;Yeah so now you know

Laura;I'm really lucky to have you

Ross;I'm lucky to have you too

With Lilly and Rocky

Rocky;so when I saw you , I never seen someone beautiful as you

Lilly;awe Rocky

Rocky;Yeah I was like she's gonna be mine

Lilly;I'm glad you chose me

Rocky;Yeah so about our wedding

Lilly;I was gonna say about that

Rocky;Were do you want it to be ?

Lilly;I have to think about that

Rocky;When do you want the wedding to be ?

Lilly;How about in a month ?

Rocky;That's great . I was gonna ask you something

Lilly;Okay ask away

Rocky;Do you really want to be with me forever ? Or your just with me because I'm in a band and have money

Lilly;no Rocky I truly love you for who you are I would never trade you for nothing because your the sweetest guys I've met in my entire life . When I met you I never imagined myself with you . I really love you Rocky

Rocky;I love you too

Awe cute moment ☺️
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