What now ?

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Chapter 92;

Riker;what now ?

Ross;When can she go home ?

Stormie;Ryland your turn to go check .


Rocky;I have news guys I'm asking out Julie tomorrow !


Rydel;How cute !!

Ratliff;You finally grew a pair?

Ross;Oh my god Ratliff *laughing*

Rocky;Says the one that's obsessed with Rydel

Mark;Okay guys cut it out . Ryland go ask

Riker;I'll go


Nurse;How can I help you young man?

Riker;I was wondering when can Vanessa Marano leave ?

Nurse;She can leave in 1 hour we did the important if she doesn't feel well bring her back


Nurse;No problem have a good day sir

*Riker heads back*


Riker;You can leave in an hour

Laura;Okay good

Ross;When are we going to finish taking everything out of your house?



Vanessa;What happened to Joshua & Anna ?

Mark;they got arrested

Stormie;yeah their supposably cousins

Rydel & Ratliff;What?

Ryland;What a trip

Ross;I know huh

Vanessa;The important thing is now that Laura is safe again

Rocky;Either ways were here to protect her . along with my family & you too Vanessa .

Laura;Thanks for everything guys

Riker;Don't thank us that's why were here *sweet smile*

Sorry if I don't update tomorrow if I don't update it's either cause I'm busy & also cause I'm starting summer school tomorrow I'll try my best to at least update 2 chapters a day cause I don't wanna fall behind .

I love you all I hope you understand ☺️💘

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