Meet Her

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Chapter 286;
Rocky's POV
So it was a while I was with lilly in her room . no we weren't doing nothing bad we were laying down together while watching movies . I was getting nervous because the clock was almost striking to 4. I decided to start already .


Lily;yes Rocky ?

Rocky;Can you listen to me for like 5 minutes or so ?

Lilly;Sure , wait is it bad ?

Rocky;No don't worry baby it's good in so many ways

Lilly;Okay then go say what you need to say .

Rocky;Okay so Lilly I've known you for a while now honestly your the best thing that's ever happened to me . I was waiting for the perfect girl & your the perfect girl . I have been falling in love with you every second we spend together . I know together we can last forever grow old together . That's what I want you & I to be together . You accept me for who I am , you don't care if I'm weird or annoying . I have loved you for who you are . Im glad that your being yourself . When you & I are together nothing else matter to me . Your the only person I see . So Lilly *gets in one knee*would you marry me?

Lilly;*gasps*yes Rocky . yes I'll marry you

Rocky;*hugs her*

Lilly;I love you

Rocky;I love you too . *kisses her* Lilly

Lilly;Yes ?

Rocky;I have to go because laura is probably alone since ross ditched her so he can go out with another girl

Lilly;Oh my that sucks sure you can go I'll go over around 6 or 7

Rocky;Okay I'll see then

Lilly;Okay bye

Rocky Leaves & Starts Heading Home

Rocky's POV

So I was heading home I see this girl that looks very familiar . I don't know why I decided to pull over to see if it was that person ive known .


?;Hey, Wait you look very familiar

Rocky;I know that's why I decided to pull over to see if you were that person

?;okay so who do you think I am ?


?;Oh my god it's you Rocky ! How you been ?

Rocky;I knew it , I've been great

Lizbeth;that's good so how is ross ?

Rocky;He's good , would you like to go over ?

Lizbeth;Is it a good idea ?

Rocky;Well yeah let's go


They Head Home

Rydel;So what do you think we should do about ross & laura ?

Ratliff;I don't know honestly

Rydel;Well I'm worried about those too

Ratliff;so am I


Rocky & Lizbeth walk in

Rocky;oh you guys are here already ?

Rydel;Yeah since like 2

Ratliff;So what did Lilly say?

Rocky;Guys she said yes !!

Rydel;*squeals* congrats

Ratliff;Wait who is she ?

Rydel;You look very familiar

Ratliff;That's what I was thinking . wait lizbeth ?

Lizbeth;Yes it's me guys ! It's great to finally see you !

Rydel;Oh my god your back !!! It's been a while *hugs her*

Laura walks downstairs

Laura;What's with the yelling Rydel ? I think you just bursted my eardrums

Rydel;haha sorry

Laura;Hello their


Ratliff;Laura meet Lizbeth . Lizbeth meet laura

Laura;Cool name you know the Lynch's ?

Lizbeth;Yeah I actually dated one

Laura;Really who ?

Rydel;I don't think you sh-

Lizbeth;Ross I dated ross



Rocky;She's a nice person meet her

Ratliff;I'm sure she wouldn't cause drama right liz?

Lizbeth;Wait so what are you to them?

Laura;I'm Ross's fiancé

Lizbeth ;Ohh

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