How come ?

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Chapter 204;

Laura;Ross how come you kissed Cassandra back?

Ross;I don't know


Ross;Well can I tell you something?


Ross;When I kissed Cassandra it didn't feel the same way I kissed you. With you it's different . with you I feel sparks , but when I kiss another person it's not the same . like with Anna or Vanessa.

Laura;Yeah I get you that's happened to me with Riker .

Ross;Yeah Laura ?

Laura;Yeah Ross ?

Ross;Can you give me another chance of being your boyfriend ?

Laura;Ross ...

Ross;Laura please look I'll try better than last time .. I promise near the future we can try again & make another baby sure it won't be the same but remember what we said that we wanted to raise a family grow old together .Watch our kids grow up

Laura;okay I'm willing to give you another chance but please Ross please don't ever kiss another girl

Ross;I promise Laura thanks for giving me another chance.

Laura;No problem

Ross;I love you & I never want to loose you ever if I do I don't know what'll happen your my life Laurie *pecks her lips*

Laura;I love you too & I don't want to loose you either

Ross;I promise I'll try to get our old relationship back

Laura;Okay thanks *hugs him*

They rest arrive

Stormie;are we interrupting something ?


Rocky;Are you guys back together ?



Rocky;I told you man

Mark;Ross you have so much luck be good this time

Ross;Yes I promise dad

Riker;My apologies about earlier

Ross;It's okay I get it you guys were mad

Rydel;Yeah I'm sorry little bro

Ross;No worries

Stormie;We bought you subway Ross


Laura;When can I go home?

Stromie;Oh the doctor said tonight


Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!