Why Cant You Leave Me Alone?

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Chapter 343;

Ross;(gets a call) hello?

Rydel;hey ross I wanted to tell you to come home


Rydel;Well hope is back she wants to see you

Ross;(groans) okay I'll be over (hangs up)

Laura;Anything wrong?

Ross;Hope is at our house

Laura;why ? (Confused)

Ross;I don't know .

Laura;Okay than

Ross;I'll just make you some breakfast at home so don't worry

Laura;Its okay just hurry cause Ryder needs a diaper change


A few minutes later ross gets home & gets ryder down

Hope;hey Ross

Ross;Hey what's up ?

Hope;I wanted to talk to you but alone

Ross;Uh sorry can't do that if your gonna talk to me you gotta say it but in front of my fiancé

Hope;Its nothing bad

Ross;I don't know

Hope;fine I still like you .


Laura;(sad) if anything I'm gonna give Ryder a bath (leaves)

Ross;Look I don't like you at all Sure I had feelings for you but that was the past . I have a family now you can have your own just find a person Cmon don't ruin my happiness again

Hope;(tears up) you know what I'm gonna get back at you for making me cry

Ross;(groans)Why Can't You Leave Me Alone?

Hope;because I love you

Ratliff;but he doesn't feel nothing for you

Rydel;I thought you were gonna leave him alone

Hope;No I changed my mind I want to be with him again so I'm gonna try again

Ross;what's it gonna take for you to leave me & my family alone ?

Hope; one date & that's it I'll be gone out of your life

Ross;I can't do that

Hope;Okay you asked for the harder way

Ross;You won't force me to take you out on a date you know that right?

Hope;No but since your sweet little family is back I can maybe hurt them

Rydel;Your so sick you wouldn't dare

Hope;(smirks) try me

Ratliff;Okay you can't force ross on nothing alright if he doesn't want to be with you it's his decision just leave him alone

Hope;Can't do bye see you soon baby (blows a kiss to ross)

Ross;(shivers)now I gotta go talk to laura

Rydel;You go do that ratliff & I will make food so don't worry

Ross;Okay thanks guys

Ratliff;no problem

Hey guys I'm so happy I got my bestfriend back 😊💗. I missed him so much 😭. anyway I hope you enjoy . What will Hope plan now?😱

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