Raura;Why are you here??

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Chapter 53;

*Riker opens the door*

Rydel;Okay Adam this is our house

Adam;For a moment I thought you lived with the Maranos

Rocky;No we just stayed the night over because she was going through a tough time . You know we just wanted to be the good friends & be their for her.

Adam;That's nice your house is really big though how many live here?

Riker;It's my mom & dad . Also my 4 brothers plus my sister

Adam;So all 3 of you are brothers?

Rydel;No just them 2 plus the jerk that broke Laura's heart . we have 1 more but he's on vacation with my parents which are coming back in 2 days .

Riker;Anything else you want to know feel free to ask us

Adam;Thank you & I will. wait who is he then?

Rocky;He's our bestfriend plus my sisters boyfriend

Adam;okay so are guys single ?

Laura;No Riker is with my sister & Rocky is going to ask out this girl he met like 3 days ago

Adam;So your all taken except for Rocky

Riker;That's correct oh also our other brother


(Ross's POV; I heard to much talking downstairs I decided to change cause I got out of the shower & I didn't want to be stinky . I gave my beautiful girlfriend a goodmorning kiss but she didn't wake up she's such a sleepy head. Anyways I started to go downstairs.)

Rydel;Since when were you friends with Laur ?

Adam;since the kind-

Ross;What the hell are you doing here?

Adam;Who are you to talk to me that way??

Ross;No one but this is my house

Adam;Do you pay for it ?

Ross;No just get out !

Rydel;What's your problem ross?

Ross;He's my problem

Adam;What the hell dude you don't even know me & I don't even know you if you have a problem against me settle it because I'm not looking for problems get your facts straight

Ross;Im not going to waste my time on you

Adam;Good then don't

Rydel;Ross cut it out !!!

Ross;I'm not listening to you

Laura;Don't waste your time on him please Adam your better than that

Adam;Yeah I know Laur I was going to ask you earlier if you wanted to be my girlfriend because I really like you & you've known for a long time

Laura;Awe Adam sure I'll give you a chance

Ross;What the hell!!!!

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!