What Are You Guys Doing Here

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Hey guys I'm gonna update one chapter today cause I'm not gonna be able to later on since I'm going to the R5 concert but just know tomorrow I'll update more ☺️

Chapter 218;

Vanessa;Riker ? What are you guys doing here ?

Ross;We came to visit

Vanessa;For what?

Ellen;Vanessa honey who is it ?

Laura;Mom ?

Damiano;Laura ?

Laura;Dad ! *hug him*

Vanessa;Uh mom the Lynchs are here.

Ellen;Who ?

Vanessa;The people I told you about

Ellen;Tell them to come in

Ryland;Its cold

Ellen;I'll make you guys hot chocolate . oh my god stormie it's so great to finally see you !

Stormie;Same here Ellen *hugs Ellen*

Ratliff;So these are your parents.?

Laura;Yeah the best parents I could've asked for

Vanessa;Laura I missed you so much !

Laura;Same here . no way Vanessa are you pregnant ?

Vanessa;Uh yeah


Vanessa;Yeah I'm pregnant I'm 1 month pregnant .


Laura;Where's the father ?

Damiano;He left your sister after he found out she was pregnant so that's why your sister has your moms & I support


Rocky;Your gonna be a great mother

Damiano;So Mark you want to go down to the basement & watch the football game ?


Ellen;Where are you guys gonna be staying ?

Ryland;a hotel not far from here

Vanessa;Rydel are you pregnant ?

Rydel;Yeah apparently

Vanessa;Awe who's the dad ?

Ratliff;Me of course

Vanessa;How cute !

Riker;Vanessa can we talk ?

Vanessa;Sure let's go to my room

They head to Vanessa's Room

Vanessa;What do you want to talk about ?

Riker;Vanessa I miss you . I can't live without you . You don't know how much I've been wanting to see you again

Vanessa;Riker I understand but the reason why I left it's because I felt bad for breaking your heart .

Riker;You broke it more when you left . I sneak out of my house in the midnight & Go to the park . just to think about you & cry all I can .

Vanessa;I like you Riker I just can't be with you no more..

Riker;Why ? if you like me why can't you give me another chance ? come back with me & my family along with Laura to LA . I'll even take care of the child your carrying inside of you . I'll love it like it's my own son or daughter

Vanessa;No Riker my decisions been made I'm staying here . I'll be a single parent I can handle it. I just don't want to cause drama .

Riker;You don't cause drama . please Vanessa come back .

Vanessa;I said no Riker !

Riker;Okay just know the song a thousand years reminds me of you & I goodbye from this point on just know I'm giving up on you . *leaves crying*

Laura;Riker what's wrong?

Riker;We should've never come

Stormie;Sorry Ellen but were gonna go well see you next time *yells* Mark let's go !

Rydel;Laura are you gonna stay here too ?

Laura;*looks at ellen* no I'm going with you guys ...

Ross;Okay let's go

Mark;Okay Ryland c'mon .

Ryland;Bye Mr. & Mrs. Marano . Have a good day . Vanessa your a jerk *leaves*

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