Plan for Proposal

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Chapter 133;

*They head home*

Ross;So where are you gonna put the ring for now?

Riker;I don't know Laura can you put it in a safe place where Vanessa won't find it?


{Riker hands Laura the box}

Rydel;Okay let's set up where Riker's gonna propose

Riker;Why can't i propose tomorrow I'm so excited

Rydel;Okay if that's what you want


Laura;Let's think

Rydel;Can we be their when you propose ? Pretty please *puppy face*


Rydel & Laura;Yay okay

Ross;Why don't we make Laura & Rydel take her shopping so she can look really nice you know like a make over . While me & Ratliff help you set everything up . We can do it in the beach make a fancy dinner with a few candles & nice decorations

Riker;I love it but what time.?

Rydel;Why not in the night ? it'll be more romantic

Riker;Awesome okay

Laura;Everything's set don't be nervous she'll say yes !! I guarantee it

Riker;thanks !

The day passed Vanessa came home & she told Riker & the rest that she decided to wait for a job . while Vanessa went to shower Riker & the rest were calling the flower shops so they could use the flowers for the decorations.


Hope you enjoyed !!(: I'll update more in a bit

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