Surprise !

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Chapter 239;

Riker;Great you guys are here ! Ratliff's mom is here . So is his dad Cmon guys ! hurry up

Laura;Dude calm down we still have 20 minutes ross lets go get ready

Ross;Okay let's go where do I put the cake ?

Rocky;In the table where the presents are at .

Ross;Damn that's a lot of presents !

Ryland;I know just hurry up & go introduce laura

Ross:Right okay guys I'll be back

Heads Upstairs & Get ready Then Comes back Downstairs With Laura

Ross;George , Cheryl it's great to see you again

Cheryl;Its great to see you too ross !

George;Ross my boy how you been ?

Ross;I've been really great

Cheryl;I'm glad your back your parents told us about you running away. Who's this young pretty lady ?

Ross;My fiancé . her name is Laura . Laura this is Cheryl & George which are Ratliff's parents

Laura;Nice to meet you

Cheryl;Oh my god your pregnant too ? how adorable !

George;Nice to meet you too sweet heart . Awe so cute how many months are you ?

Laura;I'm gonna be 6 in 4 days

Cheryl;I'm sure you'll be a great mom . What's the gender ?

Ross;A boy

George;How cool

Stormie;Guys is everyone here ?

Mark;Yes how come?

Riker;Cause Rydel is here already everyone quiet .

With Ratliff & Rydel

Ratliff;Did you have fun ?

Rydel;Yes I'm just exhausted

Ratliff;Delly can you do me a favor ?

Rydel;Yes . what is it ?

Ratliff;Can you put this blindfold on I have a surprise for you that's why

Rydel;Umm okay ? I'm trusting you

Ratliff;Yes babe I know Cmon


Ratliff;I'll guide you don't worry . Okay easy their watch your step

Rydel;Ratliff I'm scared what if I slip

Ratliff;Don't worry I'm holding you tight were almost their in the count of 3 you take off the blind fold okay.?

Rydel;Okay .


Rydel;Ratliff just hurry up !

Ratliff;Okay . 1 . 2 . 3

Rydel;*takes the blindfold off*


Rydel;Oh my god you guys !

Ratliff;Your welcome

Rydel;Ratliff thank you so much !


Riker;Congrats guys

Rydel;No wonder you guys were acting all weird

Ross;Yeah pretty much

Rydel;Hi Cheryl . Hi George

Cheryl;Your belly is so cute delly

George;Congrats you guys . You will be great parents

Ryland;Okay delly I'm gonna introduce you to some friends of mine


Ryland;This is Amber

Amber;Hi your really pretty it's nice to meet you ryland talks about you all the time

Rydel;Awe really?

Amber;Yeah by the way congrats


Ryland;Okay this is Jenny

Jenny;Hi Rydel


Ratliff;This is Francine

Francine;Hi Rydel ! Your really pretty ! I love your dressing style !

Rydel;Awe thanks so are you !

Ryland;& last but not least Clarissa

Clarissa;Hello Rydel . Your so beautiful . I hope you & Ratliff stay together forever ! you guys are too cute together !

Rydel;Awe thanks !

Ross;Okay guys time to eat

Rydel;What is their to eat ?

Riker;Well since parents want your baby to be healthy they made veggie burgers & chicken burgers

Rocky;With a side of salad

Rydel;Sounds good

Ross;Ratliff . Riker .Rocky . Ryland & Laura come

Rydel;Thanks for leaving me out

Ratliff;Sorry sweetheart this is important I'll be back

Rydel;Mmm okay

Ross;Ratliff it's like 5 minutes till 3 are you ready.?

Riker;Cmon Ratliff be confident

Ryland;The microphone is set up . & your paper is on top of the Dj set

Ratliff;I'm ready

Laura;Okay do what you gotta do


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