Wedding Rings & Reservation

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Chapter 321;

Ross;Laura and I are gonna head to bed

Riker;That soon ? Don't you want to bowl with us ?

Laura;I would love too but I gotta shower and then go to bed

Lilly;Cmon one game

Ross;Its cause we're gonna go see about our wedding rings tomorrow along with The reservation

Vanessa;I see

Rydel;Well they have a point

Ratliff;What time ?

Laura;at 10 in the morning

Lizbeth;Well it is 11 already

Riker;Alright guys hit the bed

Ross;Where gonna shower still

Rocky;yeah 'shower' *smirks*

Lilly;*smacks him* Rocky!


Rocky;Ow that hurt

Lilly;Stop being naughty

Ross;Well just lay him already , he's desperate

Lilly;Shut up !

Rocky;Just go to bed lazy asses

Laura;and your not ?

Vanessa;This is so hilarious ! *laughing*

Ross;Hush Vanessa

Riker;Okay guys keep it down the babies are sleeping by the way be home by 5 in the afternoon cause we're gonna pick up mom and dad half way from the roads

Rydel;Yeah maybe Ratliff and I should head to bed too

Ross and Laura;Goodnight guys

They Head Upstairs . They Take A Quick Shower . The They Go To Bed

Ross;Goodnight Laurie *pecks her lips*

Laura;Goodnight Rossy


The Next Morning

Laura's POV
I woke up and dressed into my flower dress with some high heels . Then I curled my hair put and on light make up . I went downstairs yup everyone is still alseep . I ended up leaving Ryder's milk in the fridge and I left Riker and Nessa a note .I went back upstairs to check on my baby boy he was peacefully asleep i pecked his head and I felt some hands around my waist I turned around to see ross

Ross;Goodmorning princess


Ross;You ready to go and by the way you look stunning

Laura;Thank you , you don't look bad yourself

Ross;Did you leave Ryder's milk prepared ?

Laura;Yeah their in the fridge

Ross;Okay well let's go


They Head Out And Go To The Jewelry Store

Ross;were here

Laura;Alright let's go

They Go In The Jewelry Store and a young women that is around her 20s walks up to them

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