Changing Ross's Mind

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Chapter 353;

(At the hospital)

Rydel;Hey mom hey dad

Mark;hey sweetie

Stormie;It's good too see you delly .


Mark;hey Ellington .

Ross;Good morning guys

Riker;Oh ross we just saw Rocky he said that as soon as you get here to go to his room he wanted to talk to you .

Ross;(sighs) are you gonna be okay by yourself with Ryder?

Laura;(smiles) of course now go see Rocky

Ross;Okay (heads to Rocky's room)

Rocky;Hey Ross.

Lilly;I'll leave you two to talk . (leaves)

Ross;hey you wanted to talk to me?

Rocky;yeah have a seat (tries to sit up)

Ross;No stay laying down . its fine you don't have to look at me . besides you wouldn't want to see me since I'm the reason why your here . (Holding his tears back)


Ross;So what's up?

Rocky;I wanted to talk to you about something (weak)

Ross;don't pressure yourself too much. & about?

Rocky;Sorry. Well I heard that your blaming yourself because I'm here in the hospital .

Ross;because it is my fault . don't you get it Rocky ? You almost died because of my stupid ass ! If I never went on that stupid date in the 1st place . you should've never been in this stupid hospital . It's all my fault . you just don't get it .

Rocky;It's not your fault . When laura went to moms & dads house she told us because we asked her were you where .we thought you two argued again. I over reacted . it was my fault to but I'd rather risk my life for you than let you suffer . (Groans in pain)

Ross;You see ! Your in dam pain Rocky . I will never forgive myself for this . (About to leave)

Rocky;Shor sit your ass back down ! (Groans)

Ross;(does as told)

Rocky;Listen to me buddy please that's all I'm asking for

Ross;(nods his head)

Rocky;If I did this is because I wanted you out of trouble . How were you supposed to know that Hope's crew went ? I'm sure you didn't . When Laura said you went on that date with Hope the 1st thing I thought was 'oh no ross is in danger' that's why I over reacted everyone was telling me to calm down but I couldn't . I'm sure you would've done the same thing for one of us . Like dad says 'Family is Family no matter what happens' & like mom says too 'Family will always have each other's back no matter what situation their in' . I have your back Ross. Just like when Vanessa got shot by Anna she took a bullet for her sister which is your fiancé now . I got my own . You have your family .I'm just starting mine . Imagine if Laura did get shot who knows if she would've made it alive. When a family member does something it's sacrifice just not to see the other person suffer .That's what I did . I didn't want to see you suffer . Now don't blame yourself anymore okay?

Ross;okay thanks Rocky . I love you man

Rocky;I love you too ross brothers no matter what ! (Hugs him)

Hey guys . 😌
So I'm listening to 'Look At Us Now' by R5 😭😭 . I'm crying because this song just gets to me 😭. seeing how far they've come but I'm proud of them anyway , enjoy this chapter 😘.

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