She's In Pain

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Chapter 242;

Riker;Okay ryland tell everyone it's time to go .

Ryland;Okay *gets the microphone* hey everyone sorry to say this but the party is over so it's time for everyone to go home & I hope you enjoyed today . get home safe

Everyone starts to leave

Cheryl;Bye delly by Son congrats once again . Take care !

George;Well see you soon delly & See you soon son you'll be a great father . remember you guys call us when Rydel gives birth

Stormie;We sure will .

They Leave

Mark;Okay ross & ryland help Rydel take her presents inside

Riker;Laura do you mind helping delly to her room ?

Laura;I don't mind Cmon delly let's go


Stormie;Rocky & Riker pick up the tables also sweep . Your dad & I are gonna pick up the trash & wash the dishes


With Rydel & Laura

Laura;How well did you like your baby shower ?

Rydel;I loved it . it was awesome. Thanks


Rydel;acting like a sister . your a really good friend & sister in law .

Laura;awe thanks delly your a great sister .

Rydel;Ow Laura can you ow please get Ratliff please ow

Laura;What's wrong ?

Rydel;I don't know *starts screaming in pain*

Laura;*hurries downstairs* Ratliff Rydel is in pain I don't know what's wrong with her

Ratliff;Oh shit *runs to the room*are you okay delly what hurts ?

Rydel;My stomach the baby started kicking but he was kicking me really hard

Stormie;Are you okay ?

Rydel;No it still hurts

Stormie;Well it's cause your almost near birth

Ratliff;She's just in pain . Cmon delly go downstairs I'll make you some tea

Rydel;Okay ..

Laura;I got scared for a moment

Ross;You did good in telling Ratliff

Ratliff;Thanks for telling me Laura

Laura;No problem

Rocky;The good thing she's okay let's get back to work


Mark;if anything hurts just tell us


Stormie;Laura & delly come downstairs . I'll make you both some tea . Ratliff go help the boys

Ratliff;Okay thanks

Stormie;No problem .

They Head Downstairs


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