Things Will Change

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Chapter 315;

3 Days Later....

Riker's POV
It's been 3 days since ross lost his memory we haven't heard of him ever since Hope took him we were all sitting in our front porch laughing while eating ice cream .

Vanessa;Anyways so what now ?

Riker;Lilly when is your wedding?

Lilly;One month from now

Laura;That's nice when are you gonna start shopping for your dress ?

Lilly;In 2 weeks

Vanessa;Oh yeah laura I was gonna ask you if you wanted to be my maid of honor and lizbeth could take your place for my bride maid

Laura;Your serious ?

Riker;Yeah she was telling me yesterday it's only if you want to

Laura;I'm in

Ryland;Awesome .

Savannah;What about you Vanessa when are you going to start shopping for your dress ?

Vanessa;Saturday I'm gonna go with all the girls and my mother in law

Rocky;Our mom?

Ratliff;No your grandma no shit your mom


Rydel;Laurie can I ask you something ?


Rydel;Sorry to touch the subject but do you still miss ross and Ryder ?

Laura;Of course I do , I just want them to be here you know since all of you are with your partner I'm here all alone .

Vanessa;I'm sure he'll come back

Rocky;Things will change. Just stay positive

Laura;Yeah I know . I'm gonna go inside now *leaves*

Lizbeth;We should have never touched that topic

Rydel;I feel bad now

Riker;Don't feel bad you were just curious

Ratliff;Lets just go inside already

Vanessa;Okay *they all go inside*

With Hope And Ross

Hope;Rossy I'm gonna make something to eat what would you like ?

Ross;Doesn't really matter


Ross;Im gonna take Ryder out

Hope;okay be here in 20 minutes

Ross;Will do *leaves with Ryder*

Ross's POV
Technically I'm not taking Ryder out . I'm taking him home well, we're gonna go home . your wondering if I got my memory back I sure did . I don't know how I ended up in Hope's house or how she got the ring of my actual fiancé but I have it she pretty much left it on the bathroom sink . So I took it . After 10 minutes of driving I finally approached my house seem like no one was outside . I was wondering if anyone was here I looked around and saw all the cars were here so yeah they were here I got Ryder's baby bag out along with him .I started walking until I reached the door I knocked


Ross;Hey Riker

Riker;Wait what are you doing here with Ryder ? Didn't you loose your memory ?

Ross;I sure did but I got it back

Riker;Are you serious ?

Ross;Yeah . today in the morning . I lied to Hope saying I was gonna take Ryder out but instead we came back home

Rydel;Riker who's at the door ?

Riker;See for yourself


Ross;Hey delly

Rydel;Oh my god *hugs him* we've missed you so much !

Riker;Come in

Ross;Thanks *goes in* Umm where is she?

Everyone;Ross ?

Ross;Hello guys

Vanessa;your back !!

Ross;Yeah I'm back where's your sister ?

Ratliff;She's in her room she hasn't really come out only today cause we took her to get ice cream and we were in the front porch talking Rydel asked her if she missed you and Ryder she said yes but then she left she looked sad

Lilly;I'm glad your back go check on her maybe you'll make her come down

Rocky;Wait you got your memory back?

Ross;Yeah well I'm taking Ryder were gonna go check on her *heads upstairs and knocks*

Laura;Come in *crying*

Ross;*walks in*


To be continued

Sorry for a lame chapter I'll update later

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