I Felt It That Way

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Chapter 310;

With Ryland and Savannah

Ryland;That's what I want

Savannah;So you want to be with me for the rest of your life?

Ryland;Yes of course . your the girl I want .

Savannah;awe Ry

Ryland;I'm being honest with you . I actually knew you were worth it

Savannah;Yeah sorry about Brandon

Ryland;It's okay I really dig him because if my sister would've gotten with someone rather than ratliff of course I'm gonna ask a lot of questions

Savannah;Over protective

Ryland;So I was gonna ask you

Savannah;What ?

Ryland;So I bought a house already I'm planning to move out when we go back home and I wanted to ask you if you wanted to move out with me?

Savannah;Wait really?


Savannah;Yeah I'm gonna move out with you

Ryland;Great ! I was scared you were gonna say no

With Rydel and Ratliff

Ratliff;I was thinking about our wedding

Rydel;What about it?

Ratliff;I wanted to know when you want the wedding to be

Rydel;Well I have no hurry into marrying you . I mean we have been together for 3 months already .


Rydel;I mean we could wait because what Vanessa and Riker are getting married in 3 weeks

Ratliff;that's true

Rydel;Yeah so why don't we wait

Ratliff;Okay I can wait

With Riker and Vanessa

Vanessa;Riker wake up

Riker;What I'm tired


Riker;What now ness ?

Vanessa;I wanted to talk

Riker;About ?

Vanessa;Our baby


Vanessa;Never mind I'm tired goodnight

Riker;I don't get you women but I still love you now go to sleep


With Ross and Laura

Ross;I have a question

Laura;about ?

Ross;So when Hope texted you what she say ?

Laura;Look here's the text *shows him*

Hope~I found out you gave birth. Now here im gonna tell you something I want you too leave ross pretend you don't love him say you need time . or I will hurt you baby . I'm being serious It's not a joke . I will find out if you left him or not. -Hope

Ross;she's insane but when you told me all that ...

Laura;I'm sorry if I hurt you ross I really am

Ross;You didn't let me finish

Laura;Okay continue

Ross;I Felt It That Way.I actually thought you didn't love me no more , but then I thought it over I remembered everything we've been through . I knew you wouldn't give up that easily

Laura;You know I have strong feelings towards you .

Ross;I'm sorry i skipped everything just to hang out with her now I'm gonna make it up to you .Nessa told me their was a close beach around here . How about we accomplish that date I told you about ?

Laura;But what about Ryder ?

Ross;We can leave him here with Vanessa .

Laura;Okay than . Well have that date tomorrow

Okay guys sorry again for another lame chapter 😪.

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