Ask Her Out

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Chapter 190;

Rocky;So Cindy how old are you?

Cindy;I'm 18

Rocky;Wow your young


Riker;How come your here?

Cindy;Id thought I could visit Rydel

Rydel;Your not in luck today Cindy I'm going to the doctors to get my cast off

Cindy;Okay I'll come by next time

Ross;Why don't you come tomorrow since it's my birthday you know we can all hang out

Laura;Were not even going to do nothing for your birthday

Stormie;You got that right

Mark;Well c'mon Rydel let's go Ratliff you coming?

Ratliff;yes sir

Rydel;Okay I'll see you later or tomorrow

Cindy;Okay bye

Stormie;Ryland let's go your coming


~They Leave~

Ross;*whispers to rocky* dude just ask her out


Riker;I'm going to watch tv

Rocky;Cindy would you like to go on a date with me ?

Cindy;I don't see why not




Rocky;I'll pick you up on Saturday at 7

Cindy;Okay well I'm gonna get going bye guys *she leaves*

Laura;When are you getting your cast off?

Riker;Next Monday

Ross;That sucks

Rocky;Well at least your gonna get it off


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