Today's The Big Day!

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Chapter 370;

(The next morning)

Ross;(wakes up) oh my god (runs downstairs) I'm getting married today !! By the way have you seen Ryder?

Mark;We know & he's right here

Rocky;Irresponsible already forgetting your son

Riker;He's to excited for his wedding that's why

Ratliff;Where are you taking Laura for your honeymoon ?

Ross;It's only for me to know

Mark;Well wherever your taking her im sure she'll love it

Ross;I know dad

Gil B;What time are we supposed to leave ?

Ross:at 2 .

Riker;Well it's what 10 already .

Mark;Lets have some breakfast

Gordy;What are we gonna eat?

Ratliff;Well I'm having oatmeal with the guys do you guys want pancakes ?

Ross;Ooo oatmeal but I want pancakes

Riker;Okay well Boston ,Gil B , Gus , Gordy ,& Gator take a seat hurry up & eat because you kids have to shower then put on your tuxedos .

Gordy;I don't want to shower

Mark;We told you last night but you didn't listen so you have to shower right now

Boston;Yes we will don't worry

(With the girls)

Laura;I can't believe I'm getting Married today !!


Stormie;oh sweetie we all can't believe today's your wedding

Laura;I'm so excited ,Wait what if ross says no? What if he doesn't show up . Or what happens if he - (gets cut off)

Savannah;Their Laura Ross wouldn't do that

Rydel;Yeah you got nothing to worry about

Lilly;Now why don't you eat real quick because the hairstylist will be here any minute

Laura;okay I'm gonna be up in the room

Vanessa;but aren't you gonna eat?

Laura;no I'm really nervous , I don't feel like eating

Rydel;but it's bad

Stormie;Laura you got to eat

Lilly;at least a sandwich

Laura;No I'm fine

Savannah;Don't starve yourself

Laura;I'm just not hungry


Laura;(heads upstairs)

Stormie;I'll make her a sandwich you girls go get your stuff ready because as soon as we're done getting our hair done were gonna put on our dresses


(A few minutes later)

Rydel;(knocks on Laura's door)
Laur the hairstylist is here

Laura;Okay send her in (sighs looking in the mirror)Today's The Big Day!

Hairstylist;(walks in)hello their I'm Jenny you must be laura

Laura;Yes I'm laura nice to meet you Jenny

Jenny;Okay take a seat I have a perfect hairstyle for you


Jenny;you excited?

Laura;Yeah just a bit nervous

Jenny;awe don't im sure everything will go fine


(With the guys)

Riker;(fixing his tux)

Rocky;ross the photographers are here

Ross;I'll be down in a sec (fixing his bow tie)

Riker;alright hurry because ratliff is feeding ryder for you

Ross;oh snap I forgot I feel terrible

Riker;don't be it's okay

Ross;Riker is this really happening?

Riker;yes man it is Cmon lets go down the kids are ready

Ross;okay lets go (they head downstairs)

Ratliff;hey man you look awesome

Ross;thanks !

Photographer;hey their I'm David & this is Gilbert we will be taking your photos for today

Ross;Nice to meet you David & Gilbert

David;Same here well we're gonna start taking pictures


(With the girls)

Jenny;Okay beauty is done so are the bridesmaids

Laura;okay thank you so so much

Jenny;No problem goodluck today (leaves)

Stormie;okay laura I'm gonna help you put on your dress the girls are done & the photographer is here


Stormie;(helping laura put on her dress) I'm so happy for you & my son

Laura;Thanks Stormie although I'm kinda bummed my parents aren't here

Stormie;I'm sure they'd be happy


Stormie;(zips up Laura's dress) your all done you look very beautiful

Laura;Thank you Stormie (hugs her) also thank you for accepting me on being a part of your family

Stormie;no problem

Wedding Ceremony chapter is next 😉😉💛.
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