Getting Ready For Dinner

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Chapter 192;

At home with the rest

Ross;What should I wear ?

Laura;let's see your closet


Laura;Okay well wear these white skinny jeans with this black v neck along with this white leather jacket & combat boots .

Ross;awe no beanie ?

Laura;Go for it

Ross;Okay I'm gonna shower you get ready *kisses her forehead*


Riker;*yells* Laura !!!!

Laura;What !!!

Riker;*walks in* I need help


Riker;What to wear

Laura;oh Jesus Christ let's go


Laura;Just wear this black jean with your blue shirt & your converse

Riker;Okay thanks

Laura;No problem

The rest arrive

Stormie;Hey guys you almost ready?

Laura;Yes almost

Mark;Where's Ross & rocky?


Rydel;Have you chosen your outfit?


Rydel;Let's go to my room

Ryland;I'm gonna get ready

Mark;Well were gonna get ready too

With Rydel

Rydel;Wow I can't believe it's been 2 days & my stomach is kinda growing

Laura;But I think it'll look cute

Rydel;haha what do you want your baby to be?

Laura;For me it doesn't really matter I'm good with whatever god sends me

Rydel;Yeah me too do you know what to wear?


Rydel;Since it's winter wear your tights with your boots a beanie & a white sweater

Laura;Good thanks delly

Rydel;No problem

Laura;Okay well I'm gonna change

1 hour & a half later

Stormie;You guys ready?


Mark;Let's go

Ryland;How are we going to do it though

Riker;Yeah since we won't all fit in the van

Ross;Okay some of you guys can go with me in my car

Ratliff;I'll go with you Ross

Rydel;Well I guess I'm going to

Stormie;Okay well here you guys follow us

Ross;Okay Ratliff care to drive?


They leave

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