Is She Pregnant?

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Chapter 185;

*A few minutes later Ross comes back*

Ross;How are we going to find out if she's pregnant or not?

Rydel;Well theirs the morning sickness oh & loss of period

Ross;Well Laura if you are pregnant I'll be here for you


Ross;Oh Rydel here is your Ice cream dude your crazy


Ross;Cause it's December & your eating ice cream

Rydel;so ?? I just wanted some


Laura;I'm tired I'm gonna sleep now

Ross;Okay so am I . Rydel if you need anything just yell or come & knock

Rydel;Okay thanks bro goodnight

~The Next Morning~

Laura;*wakes up to go throw up*

Ross;*wakes up & pulls her hair back* hey you okay?

Laura;Yeah I don't feel good .

Ross;Id Better go check on Rydel *goes to Rydels room*

Ratliff;Hey bro

Ross;Hey where's Rydel ?

Ratliff;brushing her teeth cause she had morning sickness

Ross;Ohh okay

Ratliff;I heard that Laura might be pregnant

Ross;Who told you ?

Ratliff;Rydel did but congrats if she is

*Rydel walks in*

Rydel;Hey Ross what's up?

Ross;Uh Laura just threw up right now

Rydel;congrats she's pregnant

Ratliff;Oh damn 2 girls pregnant at the same time wow

Rydel;Haha just buy her a pregnancy test to see if she is or not

Ross;Okay can you watch her for me ?

{Riker walks in}

Riker;hey good morning guys

Ross;Good morning

Rydel;Why don't you send Riker ?

Riker;On what ?

Ross;I don't know if I should

Ratliff;Just Ask



Ross;Can you go buy a pregnancy test ?

Riker;Woah woah for what?

Ross;Laura might be pregnant with my baby

Riker;Okay but you owe me I'll be back


*Laura walks in*

Rydel; hey girl

Laura;Hey girl

Ratliff;So I heard !

Ross;Oh gosh Ratliff shut up already *laughs*

Laura;Yeah guys I might be pregnant I don't know yet Ross have you bought a pregnancy test?

Ross;Riker went


Ross;Anyone want breakfast ?

Laura & Rydel;Yes

Ratliff;Let's go

<They head downstairs>

Ross;What do you guys want for breakfast?

Rydel;Oatmeal & pancakes with blueberries & whipped cream on top

Ratliff;Ross you mind doing that? *laughs*

Ross;I am Laura you want the same thing ?


Ross;Ratliff get your butt in the kitchen your going to help me


~Riker walks in~

Riker;Here you go Ross *hands the bag to Ross*

Ross;Thanks man Laura here you go

Riker;Dude how are we going to do it if she is pregnant 1st Rydel than Laura ?

Ross;Were not even sure if she is


Rydel;Okay Laura go do what you have to do

Ratliff;Good luck

~5 minutes Laura walks in~


Riker;Are you pregnant ?

Rydel;Let the girl talk

Ratliff;C'mon speak Laura !

Laura;I'm pregnant . *happy*

Ross;Oh my god I'm gonna be a father

Rydel;I'm gonna be an auntie yay *hugs laura*

Ratliff;Congrats Ross & Laura

Riker;Congrats bro you have to take her serious now that's she's pregnant

Ross;I know thanks Riker


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