Getting Things Ready For The Proposal

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Chapter 134;

•The next day•

Riker's POV

Today Is the day I ask my beautiful girlfriend to marry me ! I hope she says yes . I really love her to death & I'm a bit nervous about this . just 2 more weeks & my family comes back . I'm so happy & I hope nothing ruins today . I know I like Laura but theirs a difference I'm deeply in love with Vanessa she changed my life upside down .well I'm gonna think of some words to tell her when I propose .

Ross;•Knocks on Riker's door•

Riker;Come in

Ross;You ready to go ? we covered up chubs (Rydel's car) cause the flower delivery guy came early & Rydel said to put it in her car so she's taking your car

Riker;Thanks for looking out bro it means a lot . did Ellington come?

Ross;Yes he's downstairs waiting if your wondering where Vanessa is she's still sleeping but Rydel & Laura are gonna wake her up

Riker;Alright I'm nervous man

Ross;Don't be •smiles• it will be okay c'mon Laura made breakfast that's why I came

Riker;Okay I'll be down in like 5 minuets I'm gonna get ready

Ross;By the way do you know what your gonna wear?


Ross;Okay see ya


-Ross heads back downstairs-

•With Rydel & Laura•

Rydel;•Knocks on Vanessa's door•

Vanessa;Come in

Laura;Hey we were wondering if you wanted breakfast

Vanessa;Yeah I'll be down their in a minute

Rydel;Okay we'll hurry so your food won't get cold

Vanessa;Okay thanks

•Laura & Rydel head downstairs•


{Riker & Vanessa head downstairs}

Riker;Good morning guys

All;Good morning

Rydel;*Does the signal*

Laura;Nessa ?

Vanessa;What's up laur?

Rydel;We were wondering if you'd like to go to the mall & you know do a makeover

Vanessa;Riker is it okay with you ?

Riker;Of course . After when your done were all gonna go have a fancy dinner at the beach cause y'all remember how our last date ended

Laura;Yup it ended bad . well anyways you in Vanessa ?

Vanessa;Sure I don't see why not

Ratliff;Okay well hurry cause you ladies take a really long time shopping & then getting ready

Rydel;Be quiet we need to look good cause all you guys look for in a girl is her looks that's all that matters to you guys you never go for a girl with a good personality

Laura;True that if you guys want a perfect girl go shop for a Barbie


Riker;Okay ladies let's get going

Rydel;Hey where taking Riker's car cause chubs isn't working


Rydel;Well be back in a while bye guys stay safe

Laura;I'll be back babe •pecks Ross's lips•

Ross;Have fun I'll miss you be careful with your leg please ? & if you get tired take a seat okay?

Laura;•laughs• okay dad


Vanessa;Don't worry Ross I'll take care of her


Riker;Bye ness

Vanessa;Bye •hugs him•

Ratliff;Take care delly I love you •Pecks her check•

Rydel;I love you too rat boy I'll see you later

-The girls head out-


Ross;Okay guys let's get going


Ratliff;Well I'm going to put the tent , table , chairs , & table cloths in the car

Ross;Will all that fit in that car?

Riker;Yeah we'll make room if not then well put it in your car Ross


{They put everything in the car & got the tools they needed .Then they headed to the beach}

Riker;Wow for the 1st time ever this beach is empty

Ross;Just hurry c'mon Ratliff needs a boost with the stuff


•They got everything down•

Ross;Okay let's set up the tent 1st

Riker;okay let me look for a good view to put it

Ratliff;Hurry !

Riker;Okay put it here

Ross;Okay a little help would be nice


{They set everything up & asked a person that works in the beach if they could watch their stuff}


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