Another Moment Like This

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Chapter 269;

With Ross & Laura

Laura;Hey rossy

Ross;Hey laur.What you doing?

Laura;Nothing just looking through my Instagram you know fans are waiting for more pictures of you

Ross;I know I'll post some maybe next week


Ross;Anyway so do you think delly & Nessa made up ?

Laura;Why would you think that ?

Ross;Ratliff told me she was gonna apologize I don't know when though

Laura;Thats good *lays down*

Ross;Thanks for the invite

Laura;You can lay with me if you want

Ross;Okay *takes out his shirt*

Laura;So what are we going to do tomorrow ?

Ross;Oh we're going to do a photoshoot

Laura;Of ?

Ross;You & I


Ross;You want to know something Laura ?


Ross;I love you

Laura;I know that already

Ross;I wasn't done

Laura;Okay finish

Ross;As I was saying . I had this in mind for a while I just didn't had the courage to tell you .

Laura;Which is?

Ross;here it goes . I love you , theirs nothing or no one in the world i'd rather be with than you . Your my happiness my reason to live . I am so grateful to have you in my life . I can't believe we're having a family together . As long as I'm with you theirs no place I'd rather be because being in your arms is the best feeling in the world . Being near your presence, warmth makes me feel like you & I are the only ones in this world . You have my heart it only belongs to you because no other girl has caught my attention the way you have . I never knew how to smile but now I do because you make me the happiest guy . Your giving me a great gift laur & all I'm asking for is for us to stay together forever until we grow old I don't want no more problems because every time we have a problem I feel like I'm going to loose you . I don't want that . I'm scared that's my confession .

Laura;Did you really mean all this?


Laura;Your not going to loose me . I love you too much to let you go ,you don't know how much I've waited for another moment like this Ross Shor lynch you make me the happiest i girl alive . I'm glad to be your fiancé you don't know how much happiness you bring to me . & no matter what

Ross & Laura;I will always love you


That's the end of the story 😪.

Just kidding guys 😏. How was that cute RAURA moment ? 💘

Hope you have a good/night 💕. I love you all ♥️😌.

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