Shes been gone

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Chapter 100;

*Time passed*

Riker's POV

It's been 3 weeks since Laura's been gone. We've looked for her every night in these 3 weeks but nothing I just want to see her again I know she's safe I can feel it it's November 18 a few more days for Laura's birthday yes I remember her birthday well I'm going to take a walk around the park cause I have nothing to do.

*Riker heads downstairs*

Riker;Mom I'll be back I'm going to walk around the park .

Stormie;Okay come back in 1 hour so you can eat lunch


Ross;Where you going?

Riker;Why do you care ?

Vanessa;He was just asking . rude much?

Riker;Whatever say what you want I'm out of here bye .

{Riker walks to the park & Arrives}

Laura's POV

It's been 3 weeks since I ran away. it's November 18 a few more days left till my birthday I'm almost 19 oh yeah I can't wait , well I'm completely over Ross now I seriously don't have feelings for him anymore I decided to go walk around the park .

*with Riker*

[Riker talking to himself]

I'm going to go buy Ice cream
Seems pretty good .

*Riker goes to the ice cream man*

Riker;Single scoop of vanilla please

Man;Here you go no problem

Riker;Hey excuse me sir can I ask you something ?

Man;Sure kid what is it?

Riker;Okay so 3 weeks ago a family member of mine ran away I was wondering if you've seen her around

Man;Can you describe her?

Riker;Sure. she's about this tall she's a brunette with ombré highlights she's skinny big brown eyes

Man;Oh yes I've always seen her around here she's my good friend is her name Laura?

Riker;Yes yes that's her how do you know her?

Man;She always buys me Ice cream she's my good client

Riker;At what time does she buy you Ice cream?

Man;In about 3 minutes

Riker;Okay can I go inside your truck ?

Man;Sure thing hop on .

Riker;Thanks here's what were gonna do *whispers the plan*

*With Laura*


Well I'm going to buy some ice cream . I feel like just going back home but at the same time no so I'm staying here .

~Laura arrives at the ice cream truck~

Man;Hey Laura


Man;What would you like?

Laura;I would like a double scoop of strawberry

Man;Okay I'll get it right now *he goes to serve the ice cream*

Riker;*crawls & whispers* got it?

Man;*whispers* here you go

Riker;Okay thanks *gets up & walks to the window* Will that be all?

Laura;*looks up & eyes widen* Riker ????

Riker;Laura !!! I found you *runs off the truck*

Laura;I can't believe it's really you *cries of joy*

Riker;I can't either *hugs her & spins her*

Laura;It's great being in your arms

Riker;Laura we all miss you please come back home

Laura;Okay well let's get my stuff & lock the cabin.

Riker;Wait you live in that cabin?

Laura;Yes you guys found it when you guys were looking for me I heard you guys so I hid in their

Riker;Wow Laura we were all really worried I'm dead serious

Laura;I know let's just get my bags.


*They head to the cabin get her things lock the cabin & start walking home*


Riker finally found Laura what's gonna happen? Stay tuned .

Happy 4th of July 🎉👌.
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