He What?

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Chapter 227;

Rosss POV

So I just got my cuts cleaned by Rydel . I went back to my room I laid down thinking so I thought why not leave if I just mess everything up . I got my suitcase . Packed some clothes . Got my guitar . I got my shoes & everything I needed . I thought where to go & I remember when I was little I had my secret hide out . I decided to leave a letter behind I got my stuff went out through the window . I don't know when I'll be back .This is a new chapter I regret everything I've done . with that I left

Rydel;Okay Riker so I think you should apologize

Riker;Why should I ?

Rocky;Think about it your brothers . family is family no matter what happens .

Riker;That's true I guess your right

Laura;I'm gonna go talk to him

Ratliff;Okay good luck

Laura heads to Ross's Room

Laura;Ross? Are you in here ? *sees a paper & gets it*

The Note/Letter

Dear Rydel or Laura or Whoever is reading this . I decided to leave home . I need time to get my thoughts straight . I just really don't know what's happening with me I can never control myself . I hope to see you guys in the near future as you can see I took most of my clothes & sorry about the broken mirror I cleaned off the blood . Rydel take care thanks for being their & you'll be a wonderful mother sorry if I'm not their when your giving birth to my niece Ratliff I bet you'll be a wonderful parent . Riker I'm really sorry for hurting you I'm just a dumbass . I hope you have a chance with Madison . Rocky Uh well thanks for everything including the advice I appreciate it . Laura I love you a lot never forget that I hope to see you sometime . okay guys well that's all pretty much tell mom & dad I love them when they come back including Ry Ry you all will be good without me .

Sincerely , Shor ♥️.

Laura;*runs downstairs* guys Ross he *sobbing* he left

Rydel;Wait what ? what are you talking about ?

Laura;Ross left I don't know where but he left a letter . *crying*

Riker & Rocky;He what ?

Laura;You guys heard me ross left !

Ratliff;Where's the note.?

Laura;I have it here.

Rocky;No this can't be he didn't leave

Riker;Oh my god what have I done


Ratliff;We have to look for him we can't stay like this

Riker;I agree

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!