Feeling Bad

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Chapter 142;

Ross's POV

I feel bad on kissing Vanessa & hurting Laura . I just like them both but I don't deserve Laura she's the sweetest down to earth person & I don't deserve her love . Vanessa is sweet too but I think I really like Laura more . I'm gonna have to apologize to Riker about this .

Ross heads to Riker's room•


Riker;Who is it?

Ross;It's me Ross

Riker;What do you want ? go away you've hurt me too much I don't want to see you

Ross;Please Riker I just want to talk to you just give me 5 minutes to explain myself .

(Riker opens the door)

Ross;Thank you

Riker;Come in

{Ross walks in & sees Laura their}

Ross;What is she doing here ?*upset*

Riker;She's here to comfort me

Ross;Oh okay


Ross;Okay I kissed Vanessa because I just like her but my heart truly belongs to Laura & I know you hate me for what I did I make mistakes I'm not perfect . I know I'm a jerk & I know I messed up everything for you . I feel bad about this & I wanted to apologize . I know it's gonna take a while for you to forgive me but it's okay

Riker;You did mess up everything for me. You want to know why?
She gave me back the proposal ring thanks Ross. .

Ross:Riker please forgive me . I regret everything

Laura;Get it over he won't forgive you . Not only did you hurt Riker by kissing my sister you hurt me too because I've been liking you Ross . Think about what you did

Ross;I know I did wrong but I didn't mean it

Laura;You never mean anything !

Ross;*mad* you know what I regret meeting you. You & your sister messed up our family !! our family was perfect until you guys came along !!!! I wish we never met you !! I hate you !! I regret getting with you !!!

Laura;*tears rolling down her checks* okay you regret it ? okay Im gonna get Vanessa & were gonna leave •Walks away•

Riker;What the fuck Ross !!!


What will happen next ? Stay tuned

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