Oh No

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Chapter 151;

Ross;Well guys I'm officially bored

Laura;Yeah me too .

Riker;I'm going to pick up Rydel she said that chubs stopped working & Ellington got sick I'll be back

Ross & Laura;okay

~Riker leaves~

Ross;So what do you want to do?

Laura;I don't know .

Ross;You know I like you right?

Laura;Yeah you tell me every while •laughs•

Ross;I just wanted to remind you . look I'll be okay if you get with Riker like people say if you truly love a person you would want to see them happy even if it hurts you .

Laura;That's true thanks rossy I appreciate it .

Ross;I miss being called that

Laura;*Gets a phone call* what ?!? no this isn't happening *starts crying*

Ross;What's wrong ??

Laura;Riker & Rydel got in a car accident *crying*

Ross;oh no We have to go !where are they?

Laura;In the hospital

Ross;Which one?

Laura;The one where I had the doctors appointment

Ross;Okay let's go & hope everything is okay *grabs his jacket & his keys* let's go laur .

{They arrive at the hospital}

Ross;Excuse me do you know what room Riker lynch & Rydel Lynch are at?

Nurse;They are being attended if you'd like to wait stay in the waiting room


Nurse;No problem

-Ross & Laura take a seat & wait-

Laura;Do you think they'll be okay?

Ross;Yeah they are •nervous•

Laura;Are you gonna call your mom & tell her about this?

Ross;No I don't want to ruin their trip

Laura;Buts it's your family

Ross;Laura if I call them it's gonna take like a day for them to come

Laura;True well okay let's wait

{30 minutes later}


Ross;That's us what's wrong with my brother & sister ?will they be okay?

Laura;Let the doctor talk ross

Doctor;Okay well I'm Doctor Martin . Riker lynch is in serious condition the air bag hit him real bad causing him to get hit in the head he has a broken arm & a cut . Rydel she's not good either since the car flipped she got hit in the head her leg is broken & she might be in a coma also Riker .



Oh my god what'll happen next?o:

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