This Can't Be

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Chapter 201;

Ross;*yells* Rydel ! Rocky ! Riker ! Ratliff. Laura please wake up *crying*

They walk in

Riker;What's going on? oh my god

Ross;we were talking I got her arm she got off my grip & fell off the stairs help me guys please !

Rydel;Oh my god what did you do?

Rocky;Oh god let's get her to the hospital hurry !

Ratliff;Call your parents !

They get Laura & start heading to the hospital


Riker;*dials stormies number* mom hello?

Stormie;Hi sweetie what's wrong?

Riker;Meet us at the hospital .

Stormie;Why what happened ?

Riker;Turns out Ross & Laura argued cause well long story but well tell you when you get to the hospital . the important is that Laura fell off the stairs

Stormie;Oh my god were on our way

End of convo

Ross;Are they coming?


They arrive at the hospital

Ross;Please help !!

Doctor;Hey son what's wrong?

Rydel;Our family member fell off some stairs & she's unconscious please help us

Doctor;Okay . nurse let's go she needs to go to the emergency room

They take Laura

Rocky;What the hell Ross what were you thinking.?

Ross;It wasn't my intention *crying* I didn't mean for her to fall off the stairs

Ratliff;But you at least needed to give her time . you pressured things

Rydel;& look were she's at .

Riker;Pray for the baby hopefully the baby is okay

Stormie & Mark arrive

Mark;Hey guys we came as fast as we could

Stromie;What happened?

Ross;Laura & I were having kinda of an argument


Rydel;We went to the store dad Ratliff & I went to check on Ross because he was taking to long to get some chips so theirs this girl that Ross ,Riker , & Ratliff met at a jewelry store when Ross went to get Laura's proposal ring. Okay anyway we saw him & the girl kissing

Stromie;ROSS SHOR LYNCH !!! What the heck is wrong with you !!!

Mark;That's not how I raised my son .! I taught you how to respect a women now look where your fiancé ended up !

Ross;She's not my fiancé no more she gave me back the proposal ring

Stormie;Wow Ross I expected more from you !

Doctor walks in

Doctor;Laura Marano ?

Stormie & the rest;That's us.

Doctor;Okay Laura is awake she's okay

Stormie;That's great

Ross;what about the baby ?

Doctor;*sighs* about the baby .. I'm sorry to tell you this , but Laura lost the baby

Ross;*starts crying* no this can't be

Stormie;Oh my god *sad *

Mark;Can we see her?

Doctor;Yes she's in room 303 floor C

Rydel;Thanks doctor . this is all your fault Ross

They head to Laura's room

Stormie;Hey Laura

Laura;Hi mom

Mark;How you feeling ?

Laura;Like shit .

Rydel;You'll get better.

Laura;Hows my baby ?

Ross;about that

Laura;your here ?




Riker;about your baby ...

Stormie;*holds Laura's hand*

Ratliff;You lost your baby ....

Laura;What ?? *touches her stomach & starts crying* no this is not true

Mark;Were so sorry

Laura; *crying*

Ross;I'm sorry

Stormie;Laura sweetie it's gonna be okay


Poor Laura

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