What Do You Think?

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Chapter 344;

Rydel;Go talk to Laura

Ross;That's what I'm gonna do


Ross;See you in a bit guys (heads upstairs to see Laura changing Ryder into fresh clothes ) hey

Laura;Oh hey ross

Ross;Are you okay?

Laura;Not really


Laura;Well Hope confirmed her feelings for you again . what do you expect of course I got jealous

Ross;You should my eyes are only on you

Laura;I know

Ross;Great cause your more important she doesn't mean nothing to me .


Ross;but one thing


Ross;she wants me too take her on a date


Ross;In order for her to leave me alone she wants me too take her on a date I don't know if I should because she threatened me on hurting my family.

Laura;She is crazy

Ross;What Do You Think?

Laura;Just take her . Im letting you so she will leave your family alone & also for her to leave you alone

Ross;Thank you . (kisses her) just trust me I won't enjoy none of it

Laura;I know don't worry

Ross;Good now let me call her (dials hopes number)

(Phone convo)

Hope;hello rossy


Hope;You still have my number ?

Ross;Well yeah but I'm gonna delete it

Hope;Whatever . what do you want ?

Ross;Okay I'll take you on a date but promise me you will leave my family & I alone

Hope;I promise . So what time ?

Ross;How does 6 tonight sound ?

Hope;Great I'll see you then

Ross;Yeah bye (hangs up)


Ross;She said yes

Laura;I feel so bad for you but I know it's for the best

Ross;Yeah I'd rather put up with this than let you & my family to go through tough times when they don't deserve it

Laura;Your so sweet

Ross;(Blushes) I know

Laura;Let's go downstairs (carries Ryder)

Ross;Let's go then ( they head downstairs )

Rydel;So what happened ?

Ross;I'm gonna go on a date with Hope (groans)

Ratliff;Good luck man watch her be up on you

Ross;I don't care I won't even pay attention to her

Laura;You Better not

Ross;Oh trust I won't


Ross;I'm going to make a quick reservation


What will happen on the date?😏😱

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