Is she okay? (Hospital)

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Chapter 91;

Stormie;Where's Riker ?

Mark;Over their c'mon let's go

*they run towards Riker*

Laura;Is my sister okay *tears in her eyes*

Riker;I don't know the doctor hasn't told us anything

Rocky;Where did they shoot her?

Rydel;Near her stomach that's why when we brought her she looked pale ....

Laura;This is all my fault

Ryland;Don't blame yourself

Ratliff;She was just trying to protect you Laur she'll be okay we promise !

Stormie;Let's wait here until they tell us what's wrong .

~15 minuets later~

Doctor;Vanessa Marano?

Mark;Yes ? *stands up *where her family

Laura;Doctor what's wrong with my sister *crying*

Doctor;Vanessa got shot in the side of her stomach causing her to not breathe correctly that's why she was pale but she's okay we took out the bullet . she's getting her rest . If you want to see her she's In room B203 2nd floor.

Riker;Thanks doc.

*They head to Vanessa's room*

Ross;We shouldn't interrupt her sleep .

Riker;Were not we just want to see her

Stormie;Awe I feel bad for her

Laura;So do I *sad*

Rydel;Laura cheer up at least she's okay

Laura;Your right but I will never forgive myself for this

Mark;Hey Laura don't feel bad like Ratliff said she was just trying to protect you that's what family does

*Vanessa wakes up*

Vanessa;H-hey guys *weak smile*


Riker;How you feeling ?

Vanessa;Not so good my side hurts

Rydel;Well yeah you got shot near your stomach

Vanessa;That explains it . where's my baby sister at?

Laura;I'm right here *walks towards her* I'm sorry Nessa I shouldn't have put you through that ....

Vanessa;Hey Laura no don't be I was protecting you that's my job . Like I said I would take a bullet for my family , your the 1st one if I where in the same position as you , I guarantee you you would do the same . I'm not dead I'm okay don't worry I'm fine

Laura;I know I would have done the Same

The Lynch's;Awe that was so cute

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!