You what?

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Chapter 103;

Laura's POV

I can't believe Riker just pecked my cheek . does he like me ? or does he not? why did he do it though ? I think I'm still blushing . I may have mixed emotions right now why are things so hard. I saw some one standing near the kitchen door as if the person was spying on me & Riker I noticed it was Ross .

Laura;Ross get out of their I know your spying on me

Ross;what how did you know ?

Laura;I saw your leather jacket & your hair I noticed it was you.

Ross;Oh anyway how did you like the peck on the cheek my brother gave you?

Laura;*eyes widen* you saw?

Ross;yeah *jealous but doesn't show it*

Laura;Oh well yeah

Ross;So are you actually gonna spend the whole day with him?

Laura;Yeah I guess so.

Ross;Why don't we hang out instead?

Laura;Won't your girlfriend get mad?

Ross;I don't know ..

Laura;Either way I wouldn't go hang out with you .

Ross;But Laura

*Riker walks in*

Riker;Hey Laura I was wondering if you wanted to go get food before we watch the movies.

Laura;Yeah sure just let me go change into more comfortable clothes I'll be back *winks at riker*

Riker;*blushes* okay I'll wait here

Laura;Alright *heads up stairs*

Ross;What the hell Riker !


Ross;Why are you acting as if you like Laura ? she's still mine even though were not together ! I still like her .

Riker;Because I do like Laura ! she's been their for me when you & Vanessa hurt us ! Vanessa took me as a joke she didn't like me the way she said she did. Do you know how much that sucks? just to be used & be played . I actually had massive feelings for Vanessa but she didn't seem to care about my feelings . well guess what Ross you want to know why you don't know how it feels not to be played with ? because you never get taken for granted.

Ross;my feelings for Laura are more different from Vanessa's . Vanessa can sometimes be serious but it's because you really didn't get to know her . She is the sweetest person ! but you go for the easy Riker

Riker;Are you saying that Laura is easy to play with? No Ross your wrong Laura is the most loving down to earth person she cares for everyone in this house it just depends on you Rydel & Vanessa you guys have treated her like shit !.

*Vanessa walks in*

Vanessa;Ross sweetie why are you screaming?

Ross;Don't worry about it

Vanessa;I have to

*Laura walks in*

Laura;You ready to- *sees Vanessa*

Riker;What's up you ready to go Laur ?


Vanessa;What are you guys going on a date or something?

Laura;Why do you care ?

Vanessa*stays quiet*

Ross;Hey what the hell don't talk to her that way

Riker;She can talk to her however she wants remember Vanessa betrayed her because if she was a true sister she would've never hurt Laura

Laura;Ross why do you even care? you don't even care about her !

Vanessa;Shut up Laura you don't even know nothing !

Laura;Yeah okay I don't know nothing

Ross;You don't even know . your to blind to realize that Riker likes you !

Laura;He does *happy*

Riker;Umm yeah I do

Vanessa;YOU WHAT?!?*jealous*

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