Why Can't You Except Him?

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Hey guys I wanted to let you know that I'm gonna change the formatting on how I write the story & I hope your enjoying as you can see I'm trying to put up as many chapters as I can (: .


Chapter 179;

Ross heads to his room & Laura heads to Rydels room

Laura;Rydel can we talk ?

Rydel;sure about what?

Laura;Okay well Ross & I kissed.

Rydel;Omg !! *fangirling* are you guys a thing again?

Laura;No •sad• I messed up with Ross

Rydel;Laura why?

Laura;I told him that I couldn't give him a chance

Rydel;why can't you just except him?

Laura;I'm trying my mind says no but my heart says yes

Rydel;Listen to your heart c'mon Laura one more chance for Ross I'll make sure he doesn't mess up again

Laura;Are you sure ?


Laura;Okay Rydel I'm counting on you

Rydel;I got you don't worry love


Rydel;Oh so when are you gonna go shopping ?

Laura;For ?

Rydel;Ross's birthday is in 3 days

Laura;Oh yeah huh

Rydel;Yeah imma tell you something just don't tell Ross

Laura;Okay what is it?

Rydel;Turns out my parents are coming home in 2 days


Rydel;Yeah their going to surprise Ross .

Laura;awe that's sweet

Rydel;Yeah well you know what?


Rydel;I know your dying to be with Ross again

Laura;pfft what are you talking about

Rydel;admit it

Laura;Okay fine I want to be with Ross again more than ever but I don't think he'll talk to me ever again

Rydel;I'll help you out so don't worry girl

Laura;thanks delly

Rydel;No problem

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!