Why ?

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Chapter 137;

-At home-

Ross;Okay go lay down I'm going to brush my teeth

Laura;Wait I need to change though

Ross;Okay here's my shirt

Laura;Why can't I use my pajamas

Ross;Cause I like how you look in my shirt laur

Laura;okay then. Go brush your teeth so I can change


•Ross goes in the restroom•

Laura's POV

I wonder why Ross wanted to leave .. I feel that he still likes Vanessa it sucks a lot cause I may still like Riker but not as much as I like Ross I know Ross likes Vanessa cause when Riker proposed he looked jealous but he tried hiding it I'm gonna ask him . well I'm gonna change


~Ross walks in~

Ross;hey laur *pecks her lips*

Laura;hey *depressed*

Ross;What's wrong?

Laura;Can I ask you something ?

Ross;Anything what is it?


Ross;c'mon babe tell me you can trust me

Laura;Do you still like Vanessa ?

Ross;•stays quiet•

Laura;Yeah I know you do . are you just using me to forget about her?cause you don't look so into me as before when I ran away ...

Ross;Laura why are you thinking this now?

Laura; Ross I know . I could've tell because when Riker proposed you looked mad as if you wanted to punch Riker or something

Ross;But I don't like her the same way I like you . you know I wouldn't hurt you like that .

Laura;Really Ross ? cause last time I remember you dumped me when you thought Riker & I had something

Ross;That was the past can't you let it go?

Laura;No I can't Ross you don't know how much that memory strikes my mind & even in times I'm scared to be with you

Ross; So what you wanna break up again ? cause if you do then your free *mad*

Laura;I can't believe you. I'm such a stupid ass for believing you bye Ross I'm out of here *starts crying & leaves*

Ross;•under his breathe• what did I do? *Starts crying*

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