Another Problem

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Chapter 206;

They arrive at home

Ratlliff;Uhh Riker can I talk to you In the kitchen alone?

Riker;Umm sure

Rydel;What's wrong?

Ratliff;Nothing I just want to talk to Riker

Rydel;Okay I'll be In the music room

Riker;Okay let's go

They head to the kitchen

Riker;What's wrong

Ratliff;Okay I know this is gonna sound trippy but I got a text when we were at lunch look idk how they got my # *gives Riker the phone*

The text;

??;Keep an eye out on Rydel . one baby is off the list now ,Rydels baby is next good luck

Riker;what the hell so laura loosing her baby was planned out?

Ratliff;That's why I was tripping out !

Riker;Okay well we now have to keep Rydel safe Ratliff . we have another problem .

*Ross walks in along with Laura*


Laura;Riker why does it seem like you've seen a ghost ?

Riker;Uhh oh I don't know

Ratliff;Okay fine I'll tell you guys but please Laura be strong


Ross;What is it?

Riker;Ratliff you should tell them

Ratliff;Okay turns out when we went to go get lunch I got a text the text said " Keep an eye out on Rydel . one baby is off the list now ,Rydels baby is next good luck " .

Ross;Woah woah wait

Laura;so everything was planned?

Ratliff;Sadly yes

Riker;but how did they know she lost her baby ?

Ross;I don't know

Laura;We have to get to the bottom of this I don't want you or Rydel to go through what I went loosing a baby is not nice

Ratliff;Thanks Laura

Ross;So in the mean time we keep Rydel safe ?


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