Raura;Saying Things to Ross

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Chapter 47;

Ross; She fought her cause she wanted to I didn't tell her to do it did you hear me tell her "Laura go beat up Anna"

Rydel;She did it because she was trying to fight for your relationship Ross !!!! you don't understand a girls feeling all you care about is yourself ! you didn't even protect her now the poor girl is at her house crying her eyes out !!! your such a jerk Ross your not considered my brother right now!!!

Ross;You seriously think she did it for me? your wrong Rydel she only cares about herself she's selfish ! I don't like that !!

Riker;Your a fuck up Ross that girl was in love with you , you could've seen it In her eyes but your ass decided to protect Anna instead of your girlfriend ! you lost an amazing person you should get your shit straight cause your fucker up Ross !!

Ross;Why don't you guys just spend the night over at her house if she's really important to you guys !

Rocky;Ross your really mean I hate you for hurting Laura . You know what we will go spend the night with her bye

*They get their stuff & Leave except for Ross*

-With Laura & Vanessa-

Vanessa;Hey baby don't cry let that jerk think what he wants to think

Laura;Nessa it hurts so much I fell for him

Vanessa;Yeah but-

{Knock at the door}

Laura;someone knocked

Vanessa;I'll get it

[Opens door]

Riker;Hey we decided to come over cause we all argued with Ross

Vanessa;Okay come in guys

Rocky;Awe Laura don't cry it makes me sad *hugs her*

Rydel;*takes a picture of Laura without any one noticing & sends it to Ross*


Rydel;Your a freaking jerk look how the poor girl is I hope your happy with what you fucking did !

Ross;It's not my problem she cries to easily

Rydel;Because she still likes your dumbass bye Ross ! don't bother to get near her !!

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